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Stargate Atlantis


I must admit I'd never heard of this series until I saw it mentioned on this site.Last night however I saw an advertisement saying it was coming on dutch tv.I hope it's the first episode and I've not missed any anyway.

What I want to know is is it any good?Do you have to have seen all of SG1 to be able to jump into it or would some background info be needed?SG1 is on dutch television at the moment but I don't get much of a chance to follow it so much and have no idea what season it's in although I do believe Daniel was transformed into some sort of higher being.

I must admit to have being pretty bored with SG1 towards the end with only a few episodes grabbing my attention.The trailer for Atlantis looked quite good though and could be taking over my vacant Dr.Who spot on a Sataurday evening before the pub.

Any info would be appreciated and don't worry too much about spoilers.

Stick with it... it picks up later on throught he series and is a bit betted paced than SG1... you will need a fair bit of Stargate knowledge to get through it though. It gets much better at the end of season one...
OK then was the double episode pilot so started at the beginning.Couple of questions though.General O'Niel,when did that happen and did he retire from active duty?What was Daniel doing there?I thought he turned into some sort of higher being or has that not happened yet/did I get it wrong again?

It seems ok,got enough potential.Something about the scottish guy annoyed me though,probably because he never came accross as being very scottish.Never saw him with a single can of Irn-Bru :LOL:

Thought control spaceships is not actually really original but how else were they supposed to learn how to fly them.With the goodies they should find on Atlantis it should be an interesting show if they don't power them up too quickly.

One thing I didn't quite get was the Wraith,are they the original enemy of the Ancient Ones?Just seemed that they had their ships shot down by bazookers and machine guns for too easily for an ancient,powerful race who kicked the original superpowers arse.
The story is that the reason the Wraith beat the Ancients was sheer numbers. Ancients had better technology, but the Wraith had them outnumbered 20+ to 1, or something to that effect.

Its somewhat plausible. But to be honest, I've always said the one flaw with Atlantis is with their villian, the Wraith. I've never been fond of them and think they are really hoakey even down to their name.

Was also a bit bummed out to see "replicators" appear in the Pegasus galaxy a couple weeks ago. The writers surely can come up with something more original and better than that...
I agree Recoil - I didn't like replicators and the next thing you know they will import the Ori over to Atlantis too.... :rolleyes: I watch both shows regularly so if you want a spoiler on what is happening just let me know I will be happy to try and tell you what I remember -- mind gets kind of fuzzy after a while :p
I watched both SG1 and Atlantis this week.Not sure on the timeline exactly but SG1 had O'Neil as a General,new to the job I think and SG! was a three man team.Basicly the episode revolved round Apothis and he was trying to get to the stargate.He was now an energy being and could inhabit other peoples bodies.He could return home using his higher being powers but that would alert the Ancient Ones who would then deal with him.So is there two groups of ancient ones?Are these Ancient Ones also the Higher Beings and what the original Atlantis ancient ones become?If they are related why haven't they helped there brethen on the Atlantis show?

The Wraith have had at least a few million years to advance on where they were scientificly and yet seem less powerful than the Goáld.Is some sort of reverse evolution going on?There was some talk about feeding grounds not being as rich as they were,have they eaten their way out of dominance?

I do prefer it to SG1 though.
Don't want to give to much away but the Higher Beings are what the Ancients evolved too. Apothis from what the storyline says was a mistake -- he became a Higher Being then was somehow caught between both worlds?? I don't know how far into Atlantis you are but the Wraith actually sleep for a number of years and then begin feeding/culling the herd so to speak (they were awakened early and that is why the "feeding grounds" are not as plentiful)
I wasn't sure of the name,cheers.
Anyway I've only just begun with the series,seen the pilot and the first episode.I'll give it a go,seems ok so far.

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