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Stargate: Atlantis


As a hook-line-and-sinker fan of SG-1, I can't wait for THIS!

I started watching the first show when it moved to Scifi. I have enjoyed it so far and look forward to Atlantis. Is there any word on the cast?

No word on a cast yet -- the only info I can find is what is posted at Sci-Fi's website so far...

I'm betting there will be a crossover episode or two between Atlantis and SG-1, if for no other reason than to set up the premise of the series... but I have my guesses as to just where it's going to take place. :)
I too am very much looking forward to Atlantis...but I'm hearing some disturbing rumours about SG-1 after the 8th season. Originally, SG-1 was going to the big screen after S5, but then they decided to move to Sci-Fi...then they were going to the big screen after S6, but got picked up for a 7th and 8th season. And now I'm not able to find out if they're still going to take the SG-1 cast to the big screen after S8 and let Atlantis cover the TV angle.

If anyone sees any type of confirmation on this one way or the other....post it please...and your source.

Heh, thats ironic. SG-1 GOING to the big screen, considering thats actually where it CAME FROM. :)

If it does go back to the big screen, do James Spader and Kurt Russel reprise their roles which Richard Dean Anderson has borroed? :p
If it does go back to the big screen, do James Spader and Kurt Russel reprise their roles which Richard Dean Anderson has borroed? :p

That would be one hell of a slap in the face! I think that would piss off more than just the actors. Can't say I've ever seen the show but doing something like that to them would piss me off to no end.
I remember the day when I first time in my life heard the rumours about SG: Atlantis... I couldn't believe my ears, one of the best Sci-fi shows on tv will get another series... Cool... I just hope that the new cast of Atlantis will be... well... My best luck to the new actors.
I'm looking forward to Stargate:Atlantis as well. I can't wait.

If anyone sees any type of confirmation on this one way or the other....post it please...and your source.

Dont quote me on this but I seem to remember reading an article last year sometime explaining why they didnt go to the big screen. I think it was in development and the idea was tossed around, until the Godzilla movie fiasco. The movie bombed so badly that the Stargate movie idea was scrapped.
I thought I read somewhere that what was to be the SG-1 movie was turned into the 7th Season finale. I could be wrong, though.

I hope SG:A works out well enough. I think it has potential, or at least I like to THINK it does. I suppose having some more info on it would help with that decision.
I thought I read somewhere that what was to be the SG-1 movie was turned into the 7th Season finale. I could be wrong, though

You are correct, the sason 7 finale was supposed to be the movie, at least when they weren't sure what was going on with the series when S6 was finished. A good site to go for information, spoilers, and such on SG-1 is GateWorld

I do have to say though that tomorrow nights episode doesn't look like it might fit in well with the previous few episodes action and story. But I guess sometimes you need an episode or two to break up the story a little. Add suspense or something :)
I also heard that they are killing off a shitload of people from the SG-1 cast in the next few weeks, sort of to pave the way for this new series, and sort of because some are getting "tired" of the show. Although I don't know how you can get tired of a regular paycheck...
Here's the latest that I've been able to discover. They originally planned the Atlantis idea to be the feature film, so they could "evolve" the stargate (producer/creator's wording). Instead, since the show is still very popular but the original cast is ready to move on, they've decided to turn the feature film script into the S7 finalle/S8 premier, that will in turn launch the new series, where the original cast will make guest appearances from time to time after SG-1 is over.

Only one cast member is scripted to die this season, and I've heard who it is (not gonna say :devil:), although I'm not sure why this person is leaving -- could be the actor, could be other reasons to move the spin-off forward. RDA will have a rank change though it's unclear whether he will take over the command of the SGC -- there's rumor that either he or Hammond will be re-assigned to command the Prometheus (sp?). We do know that RDA's roll will be diminished still in S8 because he wants more time with his 5yr old daughter and wants to do some projects "close to his heart." So the series is acommodating him on that. It's unclear whether SG-1 will just be a 3 man team during S8 or whether they'll bring in someone to join them -- such as Corin Nemec's character from S6 or someone new. Carter's new boyfriend, David, will be returning but apparently only in a guest starring role on occasion.

I suppose that there is still always a possibility that they might one day go back to the big screen with SG-1, anything is possible. If they ever did it would be with the series cast, not the original film's cast. That is a fact...no question. In fact, Kurt Russell has visited the set of SG-1 before, and loved what RDA and the others had done with the character and story.

The new series will, as I said "evolve" the Stargate. There will be guest appearances by the OC, but it will not be a military lead post like the SGC. It will be an international group of scientists, with some military support. The new gate found in Atlantis, was built by the Ancients themselves, and will take the crew to a planet in the Pegasus Galaxy, where they will discover a more primitive group of humans (how primitive they won't say -- prehistoric, or like 19th or 20th century...who knows), who are under threat from a newer and meaner enemy that is supposed to put the Gou'aold to shame. The same people behind the wonderful writing, production design, FX, and directing on SG-1 will be on Atlantis as well, so it has a great start already. They're smart enough to start the new show with one more season to go on SG-1, so the audience has time to adjust to a new set of characters before they loose the old ones.

While I will miss the cast terribly...I am very excited about this new show, and with the people behind it that are...I'm sure it will be wonderful.

So anyway, that's about it from my research. The feature film script will be the S7 finalle and the S8 premier. Look at it this way, should be one hell of a kick off to Atlantis considering that it was supposed to be their big screen blast off.

God, I can't wait! I'm almost as excited as I am about the new B5 project! :D

Peace! CE
I heard that 1 major character is going to die soon, as well as one reoccuring character who had a background part, but was usually around and visible. Hint, she played Jeremiah's mom in the Showtime series Jeremiah if you really want to find out who I heard about. The other character though is supposed to be a major character.
All I've been able to find out for sure is the one you're talking about...(stop spoiling...mean :LOL:). As for a main character, that was the original word, but that was a while ago...for all we know it is this character that was being rumored. Many have thought Hammond was going to be killed off....but I've found some sources that contradict that. Also, the S7 finalle is supposed to leave you with the impression that O'Neil is dead from what I have found, but the premier will prove that to be false and he'll be back. It's all rumor pretty much, except that the supporting character you mentioned does apparently die, this from someone who's already seen the ep in the UK.

And boy was I pissed when I accidentaly came across that spoiler :mad: I didn't want to know...but I clicked, I saw, I spoiled myself :eek: :eek:

But I didnt really post a spoiler. People will have to look up to see who I am talking about, and if they go through the trouble to do that, its not MY fault its theirs because they obviously wanted to be spoiled. :)
Recoil, (Said in my best O'Neil voice)

"You do know...I was kidding, right?" :D

Not sure how many people actually would remember who played Jeremiah's mom...I know I do. But they would mainly have to be a fan of SG-1 and have really paid attention in Jeremiah...or have seen the commentaries on SG-1 DVD's to know it.

Like I said though, I know she's gone...but still not sure about the rest...guess we'll have to wait and see! And I think this Friday's ep is the first in a two parter where she does leave. I think...hold on...ok...went to the site...and yes this Friday is Heroes Pt. One, where she buys it... :( I hate that she's leaving!! I love her!

And Heroes is a major plot building two parter from what I've heard....lots happens.

Can't wait!!!

I just watched the 2nd episode in the Heroes 2-parter of Stargate: SG-1, and I have to say I was really impressed.

The episode was extremely well written and well acted. I thought Saul Rubinek made the perfect guest star to play the documentary guy, and I'm glad his character turned out to be noble, passionate, and likable. I also liked the way the mystery over the SGC casualty was handled.

Hopefully SG-1 can keep up this level of quality. SG-1 has had some pretty good episodes before, but I think this 2-parter has raised the bar. After seeing what they can achieve, I'm looking forward that much more to Stargate: Atlantis. I think it has a good base of quality to start from.
I agree completely. Heroes 1 and 2 were wonderful...I cried and cried. The depiction of Frasier's death was as it would be in reality, quick, no gasping death scene...so powerfully done. They have raised the bar, and I for one have faith in the SG folks to keep it going.

And once again, they so subtly managed to make a statement about current events as SG has been known to do. They slammed secrecy (while not necessarily slamming the SGC -- again masterfully done) in Saul's beautiful monologue, while turning around and praising the fighting forces for what they do. Wow....a huge salute to Rob Cooper on his script and Andy Mikita for his direction! And of course to one of the best casts in SF today! Hats off! I will terribly miss Teryl Rothery, but wish her the best.

Couldn't agree more. I wasn't so sure about Heroes 1 when I saw the peview for it but after seeing it and part 2 I couldn't agree more about it being probably the best episodes this season. I enjoyed the battle that was taking place as it was done quite well and it was different from all previous battles that have ocurred on the show.

All characters were very well written for these two episodes and the actors did a great job portraying them. Hats off to all involved in making these episodes as great as they turned out to be.

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