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Stargate Atlantis: Season 2 so far [Spoilers]


I'm in a posting mood tonight, so lets keep things rolling.

As I said in my SG-1 post I was never a fan of the show, nor did I watch it. I started watching it somewhat when Atlantis premiered, but not often. It wasnt until this season I started watching SG-1. Atlantis I have watched since its pilot and I enjoy the show a lot. I'm a tad disappointed with the whole "Wraith" plot/enemy, but since SG-1 did the Ancients to death, they had to do something new I guess, and the Wriath are as good as anything. Now, on to season 2.

The stories: So far this season has been great IMO. They really do the whole story arc and one-thing-leading-to-the-next-episode thing better than SG-1. They have had some good single-episode stories, and some good mini arcs. They have also had some real good character episodes. The one where Rodney has the woman's persona inside him was a neat episode and I liked it a lot.

The new character: Ronon. Typical badass guy. Too early on to tell if I like him or if he really ADDS anything to the show. Ford is out of the show for a bit it seems, but could be back. I liked Ford as the "everyman" soldier character, but I cant say I truly miss him. Ronin, could be good, right now hes just there.

The new character: Skinner....err I mean Colonel Caldwell. He brings the necessary military presense to the show. He doesnt come across as overly pushy or too forceful of a conflict with Dr Weir like I thougth was going to happen. He really does try to get along but does firmly believe that his way is right. Right now he has a very believable character and I think bringing him in was a plus this season.

The characers: I like how they develop the characters in this show. I also like the writing. I think its far more clever than SG-1. I also think that Rodney McKay might be one of the best Sci-Fi characters on TV right now. Hes a coward, but heroic. Hes neurotic. Hes arrogant but flawed. And hes so goddamn funny. His character really shines above the rest in this show, and they have done well with him in Season 2.

So far I give this show a big thumbs up and look forward to what else is coming down the pipe for us.
I also think that Rodney McKay might be one of the best Sci-Fi characters on TV right now. Hes a coward, but heroic. Hes neurotic. Hes arrogant but flawed. And hes so goddamn funny. His character really shines above the rest in this show, and they have done well with him in Season 2.

And he's Canadian!

I'm enjoying Atlantis, but it's not a show like Farscape or Babylon 5, where I couldn't wait for the next episode. Atlantis is a pleasant diversion.
Yea, Atlantis has been way more consistently good this year. Rodney McKay really is an amazing character, and they seem to be giving him a larger role this year, which is good.

Shepard has grown a lot since the show started, and I feel like he has his own character now, and they aren’t just writing his character as if he were Richard Dean Anderson.

So far my favorite moment of the year was when Shepard called Ronan "Chewie".

I still don't really like the Wraith. When the main villains actually run around hissing, it just seems stupid.

I basically agree about Ronan, he hasn't really done a whole lot yet, but I suspect that there will be some good stuff with him later on. Ford was an OK character; he was always kind of boring though.
I agree with everything everyone has said.

Stargate: Atlantis is overall better this season. I also don't like the Wraith, but exploring their nature is making them less one-dimensional like they were in season 1. It's been more interesting than exploring the Genii, which are just annoying Pegasus-galaxy humans that don't trust anyone.

I was afriad McKay was going to get annoying really fast, but they have made him a very multi-dimensional character. I love the scenes between him and Dr. Zelenka. It would be nice if Zelenka were to rise to full cast member status in season 3 the way Dr. Beckett did in season 2 (which is also working out nicely).

I was afraid when Atlantis first started that it would be too similar to SG-1, just a different setting. But that hasn't been a problem. Weir is definitely not a military general. Shepherd is just as interesting and heroic without being O'Neill. McKay is definitely not Carter; Teyla is definitely not Teal'c; and no is like Daniel Jackson.

Atlantis has a more open setting (a whole city), has a more ensemble cast (lots of minor, recurring characters like ST:DS9 in its later seasons), seems to make good use of the Puddle Jumpers (something SG-1 doesn't have), and has a more diverse group of international characters with a good mix of military & civilians. In only 1.5 seasons, it has well established itself as a distinct and equally interesting show from its predecssor. It feels so natural having Atlantis there, it feels like it's been on the air longer than it has been.

The first few seasons of ST:TNG, ST:DS9, and Stargate weren't that great. It took a while for them to find their feet. Even B5's first season was not quite on par compared to its spectacular middle three seasons. It seems today that some sci-fi shows are doing a better job at hitting the ground running, and it's probably a necessity that they do so with it being harded for sci-fi shows to survive on networks. Atlantis (and obviously, Battlestar Galactica) fall into that category. They're as good, if not better, now in early season 2 as most previous sci-fi shows were in their 3rd or 4th seasons.

I feel the same way about SG-1. Even though it's long running, it did switch from Showtime to Sci-Fi Channel a few years back and then scrambled their cast this year, making it seem like they're having a first season all over again. Most shows get worse when they re-invent themselves, but each season of SG-1 continues to maintain, if not exceed, the quality of each previous season, no matter what the changes. The people running these shows know what they're doing.