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Star Wreck: In The Pirkinning - download now

I keep wondering if I should order it. Is it worth it?

Who has seen it? It did look like it might be quite funny in the previews they had some months ago. :)
Great parody! :D

Superb CGI for any standard and acting wasn't that bad. Quite good production values. I liked original soundtrack made for this movie.

Like always, some jokes you like and some don't. People who understand finnish and their jokes can get much more out of this movie than for example USA viewer who reads from subtitles.

To sum it up: Not only very good parody, but good movie with great CGI. I liked how they did B5 part, some of the best parody had to do with B5.

Eh, then it's a matter of effort, not bucks. :)

I hope it's not too long to download. It may have to wait a couple of weeks if it is.

Thanks, folks, for the input. :cool:
Darn! I'd be happy to pay for it, to support them in their effort. :(

I guess I'll have to download it then. Thanks for letting me know.
Watched it last night, well worth the time. Funny, and felt very surreal in places. Great production values, effects suppass those in most episode of B5, music was superb. The cast were great (comedy always looses something in translation) and the girls were very very hot, are they all like that over there??

My favourite scene:

"Oh no, they Crystalised Kevir!"

'No Sir, thats a data crystal from his ship..."
About how long does the download take?
Depends on connection speed. I think best way to download it is with torrent. Especially if you don't have fast connection, you can just run your torrent program in the background and resume it whenever you want so you don't have to download complete file in one session.

Or you can just put file to download and see how much it predicts it will take, if it takes too much time, just cancel download. Their servers are not the fastest so i recomend download with torrent (and you can always resume your download), i have read it should download fastest that way.

Movie file size is 554Mb.
My computer couldn't open the file, so I may try to download it another time, at a slower speed, I guess.

Thanks, folks. It's just too bad they couldn't sell it here. :(
Of course, for the torrent download to work, one needs to have a torrent program installed in the computer. There are loads around, but the simplest one I've tried (that works very nicely for single downloads) is BitTornado (http://www.bittornado.com/).

Once a torrent program is installed, it should open any torrent links automatically and start downloading (you might need to specify the download location first).

For me, the torrent download took less than an hour, which is pretty fast. I haven't had time to watch the movie yet unfortunately, but am quite looking forward to it.
Thanks. :)

When I get back into town, I'll take care of that. I did like the few clips I'd seen of it. It looks like it could be quite funny.

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