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Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic


I was just playing this game - it's absolutely brilliant, by the way (if only GL could write like this!) - and I recognised a voice or two...

Robin Atkin Downes (Byron) lends his voice to the game, playing several different characters.

Robin Sachs (Hedronn/Na'Kal/Na'Tok) is the one I noticed immediately as the General under Darth Malak - instantly recognisable voice. He also plays some other characters too.

There maybe some others hidden in the game too, but these are the two stand out. Just something to bear in mind if you've ever played, or are intending to play this great game.
Very cool. I started the game awhile ago, but put it aside so I can finish Morrowind.

I'll definitely listen for them!
Just looked at the IMDb listing for the game - they're the only two B5 actors that voice act (though I found out that the woman that does Bastila's voice is also the voice of Ms Keane in the Powerpuff Girls).
I'm thinking about buying a RPG. Which one you recommend most: Knights Of The Old Republic or Elder Scrolls 3: Morrowind (Game Of The Year Edition)?

They are both very good, but I imagine Knights could be a bit better as the world is already familiar to me. And I'm not sure if I am a hardcore roleplayer and many people has said that Morrowind is for them...

Marko Marin
Both, I hear, are good. I've only played Morrowind though. Normally, I spend about a month or two on any game doing just about everything. For TES3, it literally took me over 5 months playing it for several hours a day. It's very engrossing, very well done, very addictive. Also, I hear the expansions are good too, not sure if they come with GotY. Try to pick up a copy with the expansions as well.
NOTE: The two cents belonging to myself contained within are referring to the console version of both games, so.... there's that.

ANYWHO... I can't say myself. HA! Yes. All I can really say is that both are open-ended, though Morrowind beats KotOR in regards to open-endedness. You can pretty much go anywhere and do anything. However, KotOR was frickin' awesome as well, being a cool SW thing that, I would say, entertained me more than either of the two newer films. I think that Morrowind could get more time out of you, though, depending on how many of the factions you decided to join, how many of the extra missions (of which there are many) you decided to do, and just how much time you felt like giving up in order to fully explore the whole island. And then there are the two expansions, which will add even more stuff to do.

In the end, I'd say go with what seems best. I WILL say, for a fact, that both should be experienced at some point.
I'm thinking about buying a RPG
You could get an RPG-7...


Aha ha. Seriously though, it depends on your gaming background. I'm more of an FPS player, so it was easier for me to get into KoTOR since the universe was already familiar to me and to most people, it's a more acceptable form of fantasy. Plus it had lightsabres and force powers which is nice, and every line of speech was voice acted (hence a rather large installation at 4Gb).