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Star Trek?


Is anyone still watching Enterprise?

I saw a copy of the new TV Guide on the news stand with a Star Trek feature called, StarTrek: Can it be saved (?) or something like StarTrek-Lost in Space. I went to the Guide site and found out that Enterprise ratings are down 24 percent from last year.

Some paragraph titles of "how to fix it" are: 1. Make it ominous, 2. Make it more real, 3. Let Captain Archer be heroic, 4. Open fire and close those pie holes, 5. Get us on the edge of our seats.

And, you can also add your own suggestions . . . but remember it's not a NC-17 site.


Can someone who has more expertise post the correct connection to the article, please? Thanks.
I'm still watching. I think there HAS been more action of late. I think the problem is that it has all just become too familiar, following a well worn path of plots and outlook. I think they need to be a lot less formal. TOS had a sort of a seat-of-the-pants, we're out here on our own feel to it, which was lost in TNG, it being sort of StarFleet, the corporation. They need to go back to that, and be even more so. They are following the TOS modus by doing stories allegorical to current problems, like the one where Vulcan mind melding spread a disease, making even the innocent outcasts, used as a parrallel to homosexuality, and aids. The most recent one, Canamar, was an obvious parallel to all the falsely convicted people imprisoned, and coming to light in the last few years. I actually like most of the regular characters, but the plots are just plain stodgy, in execution if not concept. They make it seem mundane, there is no sense of awe and wonder that one should see in the first human interstellar exploits.
My God, look at these numbers!
Maybe not. But it doesn't take a positronic brain to recognize that droves of fans have deserted in recent years. Movie ticket sales have declined from about 21 million for First Contact (1996) to 15 million for Insurrection (1998) to less than 8 million for Nemesis. On TV, the Trek audience has been shrinking since Next Generation's peak 11 years ago, when it averaged 17.7 million viewers a week in Season 5. Today, 4.3 million people watch Enterprise.

That actually does sound a bit like a warp-core breach to me!
Thanks for the link, hypatia.

I don't watch very often these days. Too bad that "they" have let the quality deteriorate. The last time I watched, it was mostly about relationships and personality problems. If that was what I was looking for I would watch soap operas.
I am trying to remember if I have seen any episode this season beyond the season opener. I think they are all on tape somewhere, but I'd say it's obvious that my enthusiasm for the series has seriously waned.

I'd much rather see a DS9 movie. But Trek in the movies may be over. How old is DS9 at this point? If they really are aiming for a younger audience, which the article seemed to be very clear about, they'd better hire new writers.

Hell, even if they are aiming for an older audience, they ought to hire new writers. Has anyone had the guts to post that suggestion yet?
Not sure what anyone has posted yet. I think they are going to post the best suggestions later this month. I'll try to remember to check back on the site and post the suggestions here.

And, yes they should hire new writers and get rid of half the cast. If it wasn't under the Star Trek umbrella it would be long gone.
But TNG was in syndication and was the only sci-fi really until X-Files came along. Enterprise is in a very saturated market.

I think really, it's fairer to judge Enterprise to itself. It's lost 73% since its pilot.

Rick Berman says that's normal, as there's lots of promotion for a first season. Yeah, to get people into the show. You're meant to keep them.
I heard this a bit ago. It made me feel sad for all involved. Come on, we all know when and where and with whom we met the Borg. Give me a damned break.
Borg plot sounds to me like the 1951 movie "The Thing from Another World".

I agree about the lack of originality. Why do they keep bringing in aliens that later crews meet for the "first" time? What's wrong with these people?

Personally, I think they should ask jms to do the rest of the show. He could add a really good arc and interesting episodes. It would become the most popular trek of all time!
I like your thinking, Crofootski.

But it would never work. He'd refuse. He'd be required to fit his vision into this narrow "ST" world. He'd never agree.

I say if we do it to animals, let's do it to this Enterprise. Put it out of its misery.
This is where they went wrong - with the whole prequel shtick. They want to bring back old enemies to boost their ratings and OOPS! The old enemies are from a time after the present series. And the "Continuity be damned" approach effectively dissolves the suspension of disbelief. At least in my book.
El Scorcho, that is what I initially thought would be so exciting about Enterprise. Wow! They will have to come up with entirely new ideas! This is great!

Yee, gads! Was I wrong on that score!
Yeah its a rumor but it is the kind of stupid thing that they would do. They will probably just ripoff the plot from The Thing. I felt that the space station episode was enough of an implication of the borg.

Things that need to be done to make enterprise better:

1. Make the enemies somthing that is at least a threat to earth if not the entire universe. Right now all the enemies are just nag races like the ferengie, there more to annoy than be a threat. I want paragons of evil not parodies of evil.

2. Quit making the characters act like idiots.

3. Make the captin commanding and and not an indiscive yuts thats on his way to taking chacote's gelding of the universe trophy.

4. Make stories that matter to humanity. Not all of them but some.

5. How about stories of them building the fedaration and the need to build it.

6. Instead of plagerising villians from the other star treks why not milk the gaming merchindise. There were several star trek games that were set in the origianl series time line that can be used.
Old Mighty: I hope it is just a rumor. I have come close to losing all patience with this show. I saw part of the episode where the Vulcan female is discovered to be someone who had a mind meld. Note I said "part of". In the TNG days I would never NEVER have watched only parts of an episode. I would be glued to the tv.

Boy, have things changed.

Xzyl: I like your suggestions. I don't know if I understand #3, but I like the rest. Why not show the Enterprise striving to build a federation? Ahh, I fear they'll just show more decontam. scenes.
And hope that will help the ratings.
I would expect that the building of the Federation (or at least the start of same) is scheduled for later in the series run.

Of course, what do I know?
I think they need a threat to humanity. There are so many races how can any of them not want to control a planet that has just gotten into space. That would make a need to build allies and form a trust to stop the invaders. Would have some cool fight scenes and it is a prelude to forming the fed. Sort of how Earth helped the league of non aligned worlds defeat the drach which made them big dogs in the galaxy.
3. Make the captin commanding and an indiscive yuts thats on his way to taking chacote's gelding of the universe trophy.


I have read this sentence about fifteen times and it makes absolutely no sense.

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