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Star Trek *spoilers*


A load of new details (and photos) about the new Star Trek movie can now be found all over the internet. I found these details on darkhorizons.com:

- The action begins at a time pre-Kirk's birth with an attack on the starship USS Kellvin by the vicious Romulan captain Nero (Eric Bana).

- Most of the film follows the blooming friendship of Kirk and Spock, how the crew came together.

- Trek canon stuff shown or mentioned include the doomed Captain Pike (Bruce Greenwood), Sulu's swordsmanship, and classic lines like "I have been, and always shall be, your friend."

- The opening sequence is "an emotionally wrenching passage that culminates with a mythic climax sure to leave zealots howling 'heresy."

- Sequences that will be shown include an awe-inspiring introduction of the Enterprise, a daring ice planet escape, and action up in the skies of Vulcan"

- The new-look hand phasers are "sleek silver gizmos with spring-triggered barrels that revolve and glow in the transition from 'stun' to 'kill'"

- Chris Pine beat out two other candidates who tested for Kirk in scenes with Zachary Quinto. His uniform is black in the photos because it's the standard space cadet uniform.

- Leonard Nimoy has scenes with the young Spock and possibly the young Kirk as well.

- The new bridge has handrails for the crew to grip onto during battles.

From what I can piece together, it sounds like the Romulans go back in time to kill Kirk's father (thereby preventing Kirk from being born). They fail. They then decide to attack Kirk when he is fresh out of the acadamy, young and inexperieced. Old Spock journeys back through time to stop the Romulans.

Sounds ALOT like the plot of the first two Terminator movies.
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I'm guessing old Spock is the one who says "I have been and always shall be, your friend" to Kirk... but in a way that Kirk doesn't realise who he is.
That would be my guess too.

I haven't been much of a fan of ST since I discovered B5 over 12 years ago. But this new movie is re-igniting my interest in the franchise.
Couple of interesting photos:

Is it because the guy on the left of the first pic (Chekov?) looks like Brad Douriff circa Cuckoo's Nest?
I like the look of the ship and the uniforms, The plot sounds hardly original, but I think it will end up being a pretty good film, I do have faith in Abrams. Besides there are no other trek related projects on the horizon, at least none that i have heard about, :cool:
Karl Urban has McCoys' face and posture down to a tee, expect he is just too damn big with his stocky Alpha male frame. Spock Jnr (or whatever) looks cool. Uhura is tasty.

Quietly optimistic about this, despite sharing some of the time travel Terminator related concerns outlined above. I was never comfortable with Trek and time travel. One of the reasons I loved B5 was because it rarely used it, and always did so in a means to advance the plot with long-standing consequences.

More images here:


and here:


The Kelvin looks really cool, but has a really stupid name. I know its named after a famous scientist, but it sounds like a guy that decorates blinds for a living. I think it sounds a bit faggy for a starship, and I'm a Librarian. How about USS Awesome ?
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I think it sounds a bit faggy for a starship, and I'm a Librarian. How about USS Awesome ?
OK I feel like a newbie for asking this about the movie...but what time period does it all take place? If its in Kirk's academy days then almost NONE of the original crew belong in the movie. Its absurd to think they all met back in the academy and then ended up on the same ship --- especially Checkov who was an Ensign just out of the academy when he joined the Enterprise in Season 2.

Or is there a good chunk of the movie that does take place in the actual TOS era? If thats the case, then that makes sense. If its mostly in the adademy, then it doesnt and is out of place.

Am I off base here?
I think the story jumps around the timeline a bit. You will see Kirk's parents before he was born, Kirk as a little kid, Kirk at the acadamy, and then the full crew during the TOS era.
It is, I think, set mostly in the academy, and you're right, they weren't all the same age at the time. That's why they're using a time-traveling Terminator-like plot.

I know, it sounds lame.
It will be how the Hardcore trekies react to the actual film. They have not exactly been enthused with the Abrams Film. Me ? I look forward to a really good sc fi film. I like the casting and I like the look of the bridge. It looks like he did capture the feel of trek .:)

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