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Star Trek Renaissance


Star Trek Renaissance was a project started up a few years ago by a couple of net buddies that were unsatisfied with the way Trek was heading and decided to take maters into there own hands and write a Script based fan fic. The plot for Ren is set 25 years after the Dominion war on the Enterprise G.

Now most fan fics are utter crap & i should know cause ive tried reading a few, most of witch weren't worth my time, and all the others died very shortly after they started. Ren to date has launched 59 scripts of around 60 pages each (with some being over 100) the quality has been a bit low at times, but compared to shows like Voyager & Enterprise on the hole its worst episodes aren't bad (Im not saying either shows are crap, but they could have been a lot better), and more importantly the series has produced MANY amazing scripts that remind you what trek once was... or what its later creations could have been.

It's been brought up before, but i though id post it up again since from what i remember the last post about ren was eons ago :) It's good writing & well worth your time so check it out.

I remember checking that out when it started. At the time I disregarded it for one reason. And today, when I went back to the site, the reason came flooding back.

Script format. Why?

It's like... daft. If it's intended to be read, it should be in a story format. And for, the script format if it's not going to be made doesn't make easy reading.
I dont know. Seemed like no big deal to me. I saw copies of the un-filmed Crusade scripts and they were in script format and read just fine.

Thanks to the above link I went to the site and checked it out. I think the "pilot" or first episode was pretty well done and peaked my interest to read more, which I will. Looks like good stuff.

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