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"Star Trek: Enterprise"


\"Star Trek: Enterprise\"

B&B have said that for the third season, they're gonna cave and put the Star Trek monicker in the title *somehow*. Apparently those of us living in caves had no idea that Enterprise had anything to do with Trek.

It has been insinuated that the producers are nervous about declining ratings and their competition from Smallville this year and think that it will attract more viewers.
Re: \"Star Trek: Enterprise\"

Nervous? They'll be shitting themselves if they have any sense.
Re: \"Star Trek: Enterprise\"

For their sake, I hope they did something more than come up up with simple cosmetic changes. If they had any sense, they would have picked up some of those Mutant Enemy writers that found themselves out of job after Buffy ended and Firefly got canned. For that matter, why not do what Gene did and get some of these sci-fi novelists out there to write a couple of episodes? Hell, get JMS to pen an episode... the fan appeal alone might spark some excitement.
Re: \"Star Trek: Enterprise\"

It's indicative of the thinking behind the last two st shows. We'll just throw something out there with the name Star Trek on it and the geeks will come running, it doesn't matter what else we do.
Re: \"Star Trek: Enterprise\"

I don't know that they want Buffy writers, judging how Buffy ended up! I don't think even Enterprise season two was that bad.

The Enterprise lot did actually try to get Ira Steven Behr on board (DS9) but he turned them down again. He turned them down when they asked him to go onto Voyager too. :D

But really, the T'Pol change in look... like that'll solve everything!
Re: \"Star Trek: Enterprise\"

I will be tuning in for the start of the third season to see if they can do anythng different.
Re: \"Star Trek: Enterprise\"

Apparently those of us living in caves had no idea that Enterprise had anything to do with Trek.

No, I've just been trying to make myself believe it doesn't. Does that count?
Re: \"Star Trek: Enterprise\"

Does that count? Depends on whether or not you were on a holodeck while trying to do it. :D ;) :D
Re: \"Star Trek: Enterprise\"

Or if you considered Voyager too.

I'll give the new Enterprise season a few episodes before I decide whether or not to write it off as total trash at this point.

I can't even sit through the last season tapes I made withoug cringing. :(

Such potential wasted. Why?

They have horrible writers, IMO.

And science fiction without good science or good fiction is dead-zone land. :rolleyes:
Re: \"Star Trek: Enterprise\"

Good question. I have no idea anymore. It used to be in September, but sci-fi tends to start a bit later I think.
Re: \"Star Trek: Enterprise\"

According to SFTV.org:

Enterprise (UPN) Sep 10 (Season Three)

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