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STAR TREK Enterprise "Babel One" (1-29) (spoilers)


Mike G

STAR TREK Enterprise \"Babel One\" (1-29) (spoilers)

I thought the episode captured the "Trek" feeling that has been lacking as the last few years. (Thus the stress of 'Star Trek' in the subject line.) But that could just be me. What did you guys think?
Re: STAR TREK Enterprise \"Babel One\" (1-29)

Well, we were already discussing it in the other Enterprise thread, but since that was not the posted topic of that thread, it makes sense to start a new one. I liked the ep, and am looking forward to the next one. It is more like TOS, obviously one TOS ep in particular. One comment, I think it is high time Archer shows both other species ALL his info on that Romulan ship. I would have done it already, but it looks as if he is about to do so. I liked that little revelation about the nature of the ship that ended the ep. One wonders how this will affect Trip and Malcom's situation.
Re: STAR TREK Enterprise \"Babel One\" (1-29)

Ah yes, I didn't go to the other one, because of the spoiler warning. Speaking of, I should probobly add that to this thread.
Re: STAR TREK Enterprise \"Babel One\" (1-29)

I was quite surprised about the revelation of the Romulan ship at the end. I am enjoying how they're working the Romulans into the plots of episodes this season, yet keeping them hidden -- behind the scenes yet powerful.