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STAR ROGUE is coming!!!

What are your expectations for STAR ROGUE???

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  • It'll start good, then end bad

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  • Probably a copycat story

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  • New scifi sucks...long live the oldies

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There's a new scifi saga coming out in a few months called STAR ROGUE. The first novel in the series is titled LEGACY. The series is supposed to contain at least 10 novels! Legacy is currently in preproduction, but I've had the priviledge to read the author's manuscript beforehand and this is one series you don't want to miss. The writing is extremely complex and the storyline is in no way predictable. The science involved makes sense, no sloppy physics or a 'get me through this moment' device that screws up things later in the story. Legacy should hit the market within a couple of months, but no firm publication date has been posted.
It's an original story, so it's a little hard to explain. Earth isn't involved, it's in a ficticious galaxy. Humans once ruled a quarter of a galaxy, then they fell from power and are on the verge of annihilation by various nonhuman races. They are confined to a region near the galactic core known as the Human Sphere which, in its stupidity, decides to convert to pacifism despite the threat from the nonhumans.
High Admiral Legan, supreme commander of the dominate nation within the Human Sphere called the Kataran Republic, decides to steal his military away from the Senate before they can enact their pacifistic legislation and disband it. He takes his fleet out into wild space along with a number of civilians and begins to build a tiny rogue empire in the hopes of one day building up a force that can defend humanity against its own stupidity and the more advanced nonhumans.

Legacy takes place a few years after Legan left the Sphere behind. The official synopsis follows:

After setting up his fledgling empire in the unknown regions of space, High Admiral Legan goes on a quest to locate Crestanya, the armory world, in the hopes of acquiring the advanced technology that he needs to defend humanity against another nonhuman invasion.
Meanwhile, the Cres Empire has fallen and the Emperor sends Mysonanda back to the humans with a plea for help, but when she arrives she finds that Legan has already left…with no way for her or anyone else to contact him.
Faced with a timetable they can’t ignore, Legan’s subordinates must make the hard choices in his absence. Do they protect their anonymity and turn away the Cres, or do they risk Legan’s entire operation by aiding the hunted nonhumans in exchange for access to their superior technology?
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...High Admiral Legan,...

And I noticed that your handle on this forum is Legan. Do I detect a shameless

looks like a new author, Google didn't give me anything.

I will give it a try if I remember and see it for sale. It will have to wait behind sawyer though, "Rollback" is top priority on my list right now ;)
So distrusting...no, I'm not the author. Kinda wish I was though. I think he has a hit on his hands.
Hi, Legon!! :D Welcome to the board and thanks for the heads up! It does sound interesting; I'd give it a try!
Without wanting to be (too) cynical, I am always wary of over the top recommendations on an internet discussion board, where said plug is the members first ever post.

The info you have given also begs a question ... if you are not the author, but you have had the chance to read the manuscript ahead of time that means you are either a friend of the author ... or a member of staff at the publishers ... or the editor ... or ???? What?

A web search turns up nothing on either the book or BJ Needler as an author. Does Mr/Mrs/Ms Needler have a website? Do they have previous works published that we could look out for?

And is it the same BJ Needler who seems to have been pretty successful in junior cross country?

Now who would expect someone with the name Garibaldishair to be cynical?! Ok, valid questions there. The reason I haven't posted here before is that I didn't hear about b5tv.com until two days ago in another message board in a B5 thread. As for how I got to read the manuscript, that was pure luck. A friend of mine is a close friend of the author and she had a copy that she let me read. I'm pretty sure that the Star Rogue series is Mr. Needler's first stint as an author, though he clearly knows what he's doing. Don't know anything about a website and don't have a clue what Cross Country has to do with anything. Hope that helps. As for 'over the top recommendations', I'm just excited that there's something good out there. Recently most new scifi books and shows and movies have been crap, according to my tastes.
Don't know anything about a website and don't have a clue what Cross Country has to do with anything.

Nothing ... except that putting BJ Needler into Google produces a first page of hits covering the cross country exploits of one BJ Needler.


Star Rogue: Legacy to come out May 2007!!! That's next month!



Dude, I'm sorry. While I'm all for people recommending other good shows, books, or movies on this board, threads like this just make me laugh. You CLEARLY have to be directly involved with this book or its promotion. We all called you out on it. And now you come back with an additional post saying it will be out next month.

When you come across as an "inside source" like that, you tend to turn people off to the product. Maybe a nice single-post saying "Hey there is a new book coming out, blah blah blah" would have been fine. But the polls at the start of the thread, the multiple posts with all the hype, really comes across as a Billboard-Ad post.

Hell all 7 of your posts on this entire site are all in this single thread. So if you aren't here to discuss B5...then why are you here? Oh. To PROMOTE A BOOK!

We get it. No need to keep drilling it in. If anyone here gives a shit, they will buy it. Otherwise, enough is enough.

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