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The other day I re-watched a favorite South Park episode, so I'm gonna post about it.

The 4 kids (with Butters, my favorite recurring character, replacing the then-deceased Kenny) and their parents go to Aspen. The parents are suckered into sitting through countless time-share presentations while the kids learn to ski on the bunny slopes.

The time-share bit was cute, but the skiing stuff had me pissing my pants. The whole thing was done 80s style, like Dirty Dancing. Some guy challenges Stan to a ski race.

"What's your name?"
"Stan Marsh."
"Stan Marsh? Hah, more like Stan DARSH to me."
"So, you think you're better than me?"
"Dude, I'm just learning."

Every time Stan would say anything, the 80s teen villain stereotype and his cronies would do that sarcastic scared "Ooh" sound.

Great cheesy 80s lines like, "Go ahead Stan, she's everything you ever wanted," spoken by the cute dorky girl about the hot, popular blonde.

And who forget that guy's song-
"Stan DARSH. Darshy-Darsh! Stan Darsh the Darsh!"

The best scene was the sports montage, with lyrics about sports montages.

The music was great, too. Besides the sports montage song, A-Ha's smash hit *shudder* "Take On Me" was featured prominently throughout. And upon Stan Darsh, er, I mean, Stan Marsh's triumphant victory, a warped version of the Simple Minds song from the Breakfast Club is heard.

Best dialog (Butters has shit under his nose):
Ski instructor, pointing to his face: "Kid you got some crap here."
Butters: "That's my face, sir."

Hell, even the ski instructor was funny.
"If you french fry when you should pizza, you're gonna have a bad time."

Now I'm anxious to see my other favorite recent episode- the one where the boys are playing Lord of the Rings.
The funniest South Park episode I think I've seen to date is when Lemmiwinks(sp), the school gerbil, is lost inside of Mr. Slave's rectum... his adventure through the digestive system was so reminiscent of "Clash of the Titans" that it had me rolling over in laughter.
LOL the tolerance camp in that episode was hilarious. i specially like how they had all those scenes on black and white, classic! :D
I caught that skiing ep right before the montage started, but what I saw was hi-frickin-larious. Especially at the end, when the nerdy girl pulled her shirt up. Start the reactors indeed!

And I just saw one of my favorites tonight. It was the one where Cartman plots against Scott Tenorman. I just LOVED the ending to that one.
Lemiwinks was just odd- but I laughed anyway.

The Scott Tenorman ep was freakin' brilliant. Cartman at the end- I think it's the only comedy bit in all TV history that actually shocked me.
I have to agree that the Lemmiwinks episode was my favorite too. I don't think I stopped laughing the entire episode. And that song is just so catchy!
The Scott Tenorman ep was freakin' brilliant. Cartman at the end- I think it's the only comedy bit in all TV history that actually shocked me.
I got doubly shocked. I saw them out of order that season and saw the following week's episode first. In that, Cartman threatens Terrance (or Phillip, not sure which) that if he doesn't come to South Park, he will make him "eat [his] parents" to which Stan or Kyle replied "And he will, too, dude!" I thought it was just a throw-away line ... then I saw a tape of the previous week's. .... DAMN! Heh.
I need to watch more South Park. Aside from Lemmiwinks, the last episode I saw was with George Lucas and Steven Spielburg doing a Special Edition "Raiders of the Lost Arc".

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