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ST:5 Special Edition FINALLY coming out Oct 14th


I remember reading a William Shatner interview like 8 months ago regarding the Special Edition DVD and in it he stated that it was done and they were packaging it. Damn took them quite some time to package it! Looks like it is being released on October 14th for any of you collecting the Special/Directors Editions of the Star Trek movies. Ive got ST1-4 on SE and want to get the last two.

On a side note, yes this is the worst of the Trek movies in many people's opinions, mine too, but it wasn't THAT bad. It also has in it what I think may be one of the FUNNIEST scenes in a Trek movie. The scene where Scotty says he knows the ship like the back of his hand, turns a corner and knocks himself out on a bulkhead. I remember I was at a movie back before ST5 came out, and the trailer for ST5 came on, and that scene was on it. The audience laughed for about 3min after seeing that scene --- and it wasnt even a ST movie. Just goes to show everyone knows ST even if they arent fans and everyone got a kick out of the great engineer Scotty flat-backing himself.

Anyway I REALLY cant wait for ST6 SE (although I hope they do a Directors edition, but there may not be as it was pretty much unchanged in its release). So before ST:6 SE could come out, 5 had to. Weeee.
I'm with most in that ST:V was the worst one. My favorite is a toss up between The Wrath of Khan and The Undiscovered Country. So far the only Director's cut/special edition one I have is ST:II, but I'm difinitly going to get ST:VI.
This is the Trek film I remember least because I saw it a long time ago before I was really into Trek. So I'm actually looking forward to it as I'm also collecting the fancy Trek DVDs.

A bad Trek movie or episode is like a bad B5 episode- sure it may stink, but it's still fun because I get to see characters I love and their wacky antics.

On release date, I'm going to run to the store, buy it along with some snacks, and unashamedly enjoy the hell out of the crappy movie, as well as the extras that will try to explain why it's so awful.
STV:TFF has the unique distinction as the worst Trek movie of all time, yet quite possibly has the funniest lines of any Trek film. Nemesis had some well-placed humor mostly because of how well casual, unprofessional humor between the characters when they were "off the job" did in STV.

I've listened to Shatner's "Star Trek Movie Memories" on audio tape, where he describes his original ideas for Star Trek V, but because of red tape and cutback after cutback from Paramount, we got .... well, you know. It's too much to describe here, but it's a great listen. To hear Shatner describe it in his own voice really paints a nice picture.

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