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Spoo on Wikipedia

Jade Jaguar

Today, April 1st, the feature of the day on the main page of Wikipedia is their entry on Spoo! It's funny and informative. When it is off the main page, you can just look up the entry.
You didn't know that?

I swear everytime they said G'Kar was eating spoo (and fresh spoo at that) I couldn't help but giggle like some immature junior high school kid.
The image of what spoo farming involves isn't something you really want to conjure with... :eek: :eek:
You didn't know that?

Never heard of it until this thread. Upon further reflection I recalled having seen the variant "spooge" once or twice, but never "spoo".

I am going to be retroactively sick. :)


I think it is doubtful that JMS knew that spoo was slang for sperm. To me, the most surprising revelation of the article is that spoo is oops spelled backward. How did I never notice that? I have wondered if JMS might have had Al Capp's little food creature, the Shmoo, in mind, when naming spoo.
My favorite was the technomage episode where Londo became an owner of a whooooole lotta shares of a spoo farm. What in the world is a SPOO FARM?