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Spiderman 3 (SPOILERS)


My friend and I are going to see this in a little while, so I thought I'd go ahead and start a thread for anyone else who's seen it. It looks like it'll be good, but we shall see...
To me this movie was just about average. A lot of it was very predictable. I think they just tried to cram too much into it. As far as the villians go in this movie, I liked the Sandman the best. Venom was alright, more cool looking than anything, even though we didn't really see much of him until close to the end.

I don't know enough about the Spiderman comics to know how true the movie was to the plotlines and characters, but I think that most people will be pleased with the effort.

J. Jonah Jameson rules.
I wasnt very satisfied with this movie. I loved the first 2 much better. Some of the plots were ended very quickly. there were a few scenes that while watching, I was going WTF?! Even though this says spoilers I wont mention the scene because if you have seen the movie, you know exactly what I'm talking about. (Plus I dont know the code for putting spoilers in the hidden spot where you click the button..)
Just listened to Mark Kermode's review on Radio 5Live here in the UK. He loved the first one, thought the second was even better, and that this one is pretty lousy. Lots of nice setpieces, some neat effects (but less convincing than number 2), and too many short, unrelated, "plots" appearing and disappearing.

Sounds like he might be on to something.
I fel that the portrayal of Peter's dark side was more than a little hokey.

However I was wazzed off with the audience when they laughed at Harry's butler who said he loved his father and Harry also. It was pretty obvious he was talkiing in a servile sense. I just thoughtthey were being juvenile.

Things also seemed a little rushed.

Same order of preference as the X Men movies for me - 2, 1, 3

but it wasn't as bad as X3
From everyone I talked to so far who has seen the movie, every audience has laughed at the part with the butler you mentioned, and when Peter first pats his hair down over his eyes and forehead. My friend and I had a discussion about this today; why does the symbiote make him such a dork/nerd?

Gwen Stacy should have been in the first movie, not this one.
The audience I was watching with all cracked up at Harry's death. It was an odd choice to play Peter's dark side for laughs, with the excessive pelvic thrusting and finger guns. Outside of the fight scenes and those hilarious dark!Peter scenes, the movie was fairly unimpressive. Thomas Haden Church was wasted as Sandman, I found Sandman kinda useless in general. Venom was kinda cool, and bless Topher Grace for at least attempting to put some geniune menace into one of the movie's villians, which has been sadly lacking since the first Spiderman.
It was all wrapped up pretty quickly. They didn't really solve Sandman's dilemma. At the end, my wife said "Where's he going?" and I said, "probably to rob another bank. He still doesn't have the money." A neat wrap-up would have had funds coming out of Harry's estate, but maybe it got edited.

Dark Peter: My wife said he looked like K.D. Lang. I though he looked like Simon LaBonne in his post Duran Duran "Arcadia" days.

Harry: Picked the wroooooooong week to F*** with Peter Parker. Any other time his plan would've worked and crushed little Petey's heart.

Butler guy: Ever since the first movie, I assumed this guy was some comic book animator or somethig since his appearances seemed to be Stan Lee-like cameos. Remember, it's hard in NYC to find a good Butler who will clean a wound. I always thought Peter bringing Osbourne back to his penthouse with two gaping wounds in his abdomen was kinda silly anyway, and i'm amazed they were able to get the bloodstains off the chaise lounge.

French Waiter guy: Best Bruce Campbell Spidey cameo yet.

Small Effing City Syndrome: I hate that in a an isand 2-1/2 miles long with 10-14 million people wandering on it every day, you could seemingly throw a ball in the air and hit the 5 characters in this movie. WTF? Everyone was related to everyone else. I thought I was watching LOST. Hi Captain Stacey, I'm Eddie Brock, I'm dating your daughter (NOT) who is the college science lab partner of Peter Parker, whose photograhy job I'm attempting to steal. Oh my goodness, a runaway crane has randomely plucked Gwen out of a 50-story window and left her hanging like Lois Lane. Here comes Spiderman. Later I'll go to one of dozens of churches in NYC and pray to God while Peter pulls off gobs of symbiote (which fell not 50 feet from Parker from outer space) in the steeple of that VERY SAME CHURCH.

Is there more? Maybe. I forget.

Too much going on with the additional characters, but they did at least give the primary characters a lot of acting time and wrapped up their stories.

I think they left out a chance for Harry to say "Like father, like son" when he was killed by his own glider and of course, my wife is never happy when a movie ends without a wedding. Still a fun movie.

3 weeks til Pirates.
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entertaining but not great, i would have preferred mysterio as a bad guy in this movie, plus bruce campbell was slated to play him but the studio didn't want him and of course he has been seriously busy with his new movie. as a trilogy it was cool, but if i had mad it it would have been 9, 2-3 hour movies that would have had the rest of the fanboys spunking in their trousers.
Think biggest problem with this movie was Black suit/venom story line is too big for 1 movie. But Rami wanted to encapsulated it into one it seems. (may out of fear of not having another movie).
Should of been black suit Spiderman vs Goblin 2 or Sand man (or another one of the more powerful Spiderman villains excluding Venom/Carnage of course). At some point get rid of the symbiont and see spawn just before end credits and dedicate a movie to the symbiont story line.

I particularly didn't like how the sandman just ended, that he just decides after venom is defeated he will apologize to parker/spiderman and say he didn't want this. While before he wanted to get Spiderman and joined forces with Venom.
Was somewhat expecting Sandman/Spiderman vs Osborne and Venom and possibly Osborne changing sides.

Think the film had a bit too much of the teen angst, and Bad Peter Parker was carried a bit too far.
Totally agree with Decal, there was room for two movies there. I actually think the Venom plotline was forced onto Rami by Marvel, I would have liked to have seen the Sandman and
Harry as the only two villians, with some build up to Venom for no. 4.
This was a totally average superhero flick, saved by charismatic performances from the leads, so good lines and set pieces (the Bruce Campell stint was great.)

I found the whole 'dark' Peter bit hilarious, and I think Rami wanted us to.

And Bryce Dallas Howard is hot.
Spidey is the best comic-movie series ever, hands down. This was a great movie -- however, both movie-wise and comic-book wise, I feel it wasn't as good as number 2. They tried to cram too much into it, and as a result ended up REALLY forcing a few of the character points, such as Brock hating Parker, Harry having a change of heart, and the entire episode with "evil Peter." This movie should have featured Harry and Sandman, stretched those stories a bit (I really liked Sandman, btw), and then ended with the Bell-tower scene, and the creation of Venom. Essentially:

The Good:
All the returning characters
Fantastic CGI
"Evil Peter" (despite the silly dance scene)

The Bad:
Venom (underdeveloped)
Forced humor
Choppy, implausible storyline (Too much too fast)

The strength of the first two movies was the slow paced, character driven realism (even though they were definitely still comic-ish). That is pretty much gone in #3 as a disjointed plot takes precedence over good character development. Don't get me wrong, they did some cool things with the characters, but didn't allow for good, steady, flowing development at all. I also think having the butler suddenly "reveal" that the last few years of Harry's life have been wrong was an utter failure in storytelling. That should have been a hugely defining moment in Harry's story, instead it was like "Hey, man, you've been wrong for years" and he's like "Oh, I guess I'll go help Pete, then, kthxbye!"

I've always thought the part of Mary Jane was terribly mis-cast when they picked Kirsten Dunst. This movie did nothing to change that.

Bruce Campbell RULES. The French accent is one of the hardest to do, but he did it well. Stan Lee had his biggest part in any Marvel movie to date, and I cheered it :D

The CGI was amazing... especially when Marko first becomes the Sandman. The only CGI gripe I have was making Sandman the "giant sand monster." Why is it when people make a big monster, it always moves slowly and sounds like a retarded gorilla?

Peter's transformation after wearing the black suit was cool, but I couldn't help but be reminded of this:


Could have done without Peter pointing at the ladies on the street like some nerdy white Shaft or something. His dancing scene was pretty silly, but it got the point across. We end up feeling sorry for Cheekbones McGee-- er, Mary Jane, and we're left literally wringing our hands, hoping he'll come to his senses and lose the black costume because he's being such an asshole.

Characters who suffered a little bit because of the time needed to develop the new villains included Aunt May, J. Jonah Jameson, and even Eddie Brock (pre-Venom). Aunt May's "engagement" scene early on was a really good one, though.

Speaking of Venom, if/when they bring him back, he needs to speak in first-person plural, like he did in the comics. "We," "us," etc...

Overall, it's still definitely worth seeing/owning, but I don't think the story matched up to the first two.
I've only kind of skimmed over this thread because I'm going to see the movie on Friday night. :D I am so excited!

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