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space as seen in CRUSADE

As an astronomer, one of the things that really impressed me about Crusade was how realistic they made space look. You didn't see a nebula taking up half the sky in every corner of the Galaxy (a la B5), and they actually showed *globular clusters*, and THE GALACTIC PLANE!!! I don't remember ever seeing another TV show or movie in which they thought of showing the galactic plane, which should be the most prominent feature on the sky just about everywhere in the Galaxy.

I'm not sure about Crusade but I know that in some episodes of B5 (towards the later seasons) they would used actual photos from the Hubble Space Telescope among others. The one that springs to mind is the backdrop for 'Into the Fire' is from the Hubble.

I really never liked the idea of using that HST image of the Eagle Nebula in "Into the Fire". (You can see the same picture on a display in astrometrics on Voyager btw.) Look, in the vast majority of the Galaxy, you wouldn't see stuff like that taking up such a huge fraction of the sky. Of course, telescopes like the HST give us pictures of rather visually incredible features in space, but most of the universe doesn't look like that.

Babylon 5 had a tendency to show the most spectacular parts of our galaxy, which are actually quite rare and some also quite deadly. The radiation from stars that makes a nebula glow does not favour ships (at least ships with today's radiation shielding) coming very close to it.

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I never really understood why the B5 sky was red when they were in hyperspace when everyone knows it's blue.

I liked the Hubble pictures even if they were slightly oversized. It's more interesting than a big blob of nothing.

No, no, no! thirdspace is blue. Hyperspace is *supposed* to be red.

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Wel, why NOT use Hubble shots? It tells us Exactly where Corianna 6 is located.

Besides, when you're using people fromn the Jet Propulsion Laboratories as "consultants" they sometimes send you some really Neat graphics.

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I suppose it depends on what location you are at, perhaps they were there near some nebulas anyway they do make the scene than just plain space which they do for earth..

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