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Sorry, another Newbie...


Hi Guys and Gals...

I watched the B5 series on and off when i could when it was on TV and loved it. I have been lucky enough to have been bought the Babylon 5: The Complete Collection + The Lost Tales DVD box set (I'm sure you guys know what that includes). I do not have any of the other materials such as books and comics / graphic novels. Could someone please suggest a viewing order for me taking that into consideration.

Thanks people!
Hi there... and welcome.

You might want to check out the B5 world forum, there's an extensive thread in there that deals with this very topic.

Things could get very confusing between the two of us with our respective handles!

I think KoshN has read this thread and put a reply in the thread I linked to... his answer's pretty good. Go take a peak.
IMO it's a bit much to worry about the movies and other spin off media the first run through. Heck, I and many people I know didn't even catch all of the plot detail in the series itself until the second run through! My suggestion is to just watch seasons 1-5 - it's a pretty obvious order and the story is very well told, the other media is not needed AT ALL in order to watch through. Then I'd suggest watching the movies and reading books etc to expand the storyverse, if you were interested enough in it.

That's just my opinion though. The series is really where the story of B5 is. Everything else is just butter, makes it taste better, but not necessary at all.