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Sons of Anarchy


Just curious if anyone watches this, 'cause it's awesome.

Ive been curious about it. Maybe Ill add it to my DVD viewing list to catch up on it and see.
The last episode of was amazing. After that, I can't imagine there being a better set of actors on TV right now. Everything from the obvious dramatic payoffs (very end of the ep), to the little details, like one character dealing w/ major life decisions right after recovering from a head trauma, and the way a club vote worked on so many emotional levels... wonderful stuff.
I posted a thread about this a little while back. This is an awesome show! The first season was great and this season has continued to impress. I look forward to the season finale.
Wow what a disappointing season finale. A bunch of silly coincidences and plot contrivances leading up to multiple cheap cliffhangers.

The highway ambush was pretty sweet though.

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