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Something I found at the Internet Movie Database website...


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Kribu's right. It was added way back then. The IMDb can be stupid sometimes.

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<BLOCKQUOTE><font size="1" face="Verdana, arial">quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by AntonyF:
Kribu's right. It was added way back then. The IMDb can be stupid sometimes.


[SARCASIM] We know how much you appreciate the extra information you get from that site!
I think I read about it in another thread somewhere ...

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Speaking of IMDB, the comments posted on the movie over there suck! We need to have some of the folks here that liked it and saw it's potential to post some good comments... they'd be the most visible 'cause the newest ones show up first. Many folks look at that site and base their viewing decisions on the comments and the ratings (currently a 6.7... we can bring that up too!).

I plan on submitting a comment and rating, and it would be great if all of the rest of you that thought well of the movie did the same (and even those of you that didn't like it... at least it would be an informed comment!).


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This could have already been discussed here before but if not this is what I found there about the Legend of the Rangers. I was over at www.imdb.com looking at some information about Jeff Conaway, and when I pulled up the page about the Babylon 5 stuff I saw a link for the Legend of the Rangers and I pulled it up. But after checking out the page I noticed it wasn’t for the movie but for a tv series. Maybe they just jumped the gun thinking there will be a series or maybe they know something we don’t, either way I thought I would just pass it along. Here is the link: http://us.imdb.com/Title?0280232

Maybe, but it was last updated on January 25th, too soon after the telemovie for any real kind of confirmation. I wouldn't look into it too much.

Unless I'm completely mistaken, there have been separate pages for a series and the pilot movie at IMDB ever since the pilot movie was first announced last spring.

I suppose they assumed that since it was going to be a pilot movie, there will also be a series.

So I don't think that really says anything... although some extra optimism never hurts.

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This is common practice for IMDB. If you read the page carefully you'll find the following note near the top:

"Since this project is categorized as being in production, the data is subject to change or could be removed completely." (emphasis added by me)

In other words this means nothing other then that there might be a series which is hardly news around here.

Also, I agree with wipster that we need to try and raise the pilot's rating over there. I've already voted it a 10, even though to be perfectly objective about it (which isn't going to happen to anything B5 related) it only deserves a 7 or so.

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Please please please forgive me if i'm wrong. But go to this link and look at the fourth comment on it and tell me if this person use to be one of our resident trolls on this site. Comment from former troll???

Like i said, i'm not sure but i think this person was on their way out about the time i came on here and i never remember hearing them say anything good about B5. Can't remember though since these past 8 months have been kinda hazy......


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I don't recall seeing Power Of Ten on this BB, but Perhaps before I came here. He did post on SciFi's B5 bb, and was usually pretty negative, probably most would say troll.

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I remember Power of Ten from Scifi's board as well. If he was here, we'd probably hear him saying all kinds of negative stuff about the Ranger project.

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PoT came here briefly around the time I did. I informed Antony we would be better off without him. Although he did not believe me at the time he soon learned the truth on his own(a good policy as I would not want to be baned on some new member's word). We have paid much more attention to im than he deserves. Everyone should ignore him and it would be best if this thread ends.

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