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Did you like the film? I thought it was brilliant... not what i expected at all, i was actually going to watch another film but then saw Solaris and remembered watching the trailer some time ago.

Not the kind of science fiction you see these days, and it was great to have something different. I was dissapointed not to see more of the planet, but hey, nothing´s perfect.

Im thinking about buying the book... has anyone read it?
Didn't get to see the film.
Bought the book but haven't read it yet (Lots of other books are in line ahead of it.)
I loved it. I also loved the original Russian film, which you should check out if you're interested in more about the story.

The book is on my very long list.
Solaris (DVD, 1979)
ASIN: B00006L92F (Criterion Collection)

ASIN: 6305085404 (non-Criterion)

by Stanislaw Lem (Author), Joanna Kilmartin (Translator), Steve Cox (Translator)
ISBN: 0156027607
I liked it overall, I thought that some parts were kind of slow, but it was different then any other movie I have ever seen. Its true "Science Fiction" which isn't that common in movies, its more common to see "Sci-Fi Action", or "Sci-Fi Horror", or Sci-Fi / something else.

Never read the book, maybe someday when I have some free time. (like when I'm retired
OK I'm someone who far prefered the 2001: A Space Odyssey novel to the movie. Will somebody please tell me what the frell happened at the end of the Solaris movie?

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