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Soft-core Morden

Jade Jaguar

I was checking out Cinemax On Demand, an episode of one of their soft-core porn series, "Hot Line," titled Voyeur. I was fast-forwarding through it, to see if it was, uh, to my... taste, worth watching. It wasn't, but I thought I saw someone familiar. I checked the credits, and sure enough, it was Ed Wasser! I didn't check him out in play speed, since I am a straight male, and uninterested in his body. They wouldn't have shown much anyway. Full frontal male nudity is pretty rare on the soft-core premium shows.
Interestingly enough, someone here at the board emailed me some photos captured from that movie.

Enough to see that it was him, and that he's in great shape. :D
Yes. He was very buff. But obviously he didn't impress me: I didnt' save the photos. :p

He is very good looking. Just not my type. ;)
I don't suppose he even needed to ask anyone "what do you want" in a porn flick! :LOL:

Well, actually, I believe that question isn't uncommon in the genre. ;)

I guess I should go back and watch his scenes, just because the role must be rather different from that of Shadow emissary. From what I did notice, he looked shorter than on B5, and younger. Kind of a twerp, actually, but I didn't look closely, or long.

If someone wants to move this thread to NC-17, in order to post naked Morden pictures, that's fine with me.

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