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So Who's Watching It Now??

I am pretty new to the B5 world -- I hadn't even heard of it before March. My husband had been a fan when the series was still new, and received seasons 1 and 2 for his birthday.

Sense then, I have become completely obsessed with the show. We're not about half way through season 3 and I can't get enough. Sometimes we watch 2-3 episodes a day. :)
Sure am! It's getting super serious now!

I do miss Sinclair being the commander though. Sheridan is awesome, but I think I was/am in love with Sinclair. ;)
I just finished my B5 marathon a week ago, watching the whole box within a few weeks - all 5 seasons and all of the movies. I really enjoyed feeling the internal drive of the story directly. The third and fourth seasons are especially intense! Now I'm watching Crusade...
After a long absents (8 years). I'm back in the Star Fury seat again as of the first of the year. Surprisely my wife is watching the series with me and she has gone nuts for the show. We have watch the all shows twice (movies, series, Rangers, Crusades, etc..). Now we are into a thrid round -
Season 2, Episode 10 GROPOS

I love the series, but like I said she has gone nuts over it. I happy, but don't know how much more I can take! Actually it's great.
Well I'm moving steadily along I'm on Disc 4 of Season 3 right now. It is just amazing watching this series again.

btw I totally forgot Vaughn Armstrong was one of the Night Watch. I met him last year at a local convention.... real nice guy. I should have remembered him ... oh well. Atleast I got his autograph :D
I'm about half-way through Season 5...Byron just got incinerated and then I saw the Regent...gotta love that actor and pity the poor character.