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so whats this then?

ranger phil


sorry to gatecrash guys (my god i havent been on here for so.......long)

this just appeared on facebook.

"What this is – you wouldn’t believe me even if I told you.

By what it is, I mean what it represents, who is putting it together and why – it would bring a smile the face of everyone who has liked this page. Hopefully you’ll get to read about it one day.

Somewhere else."

It sure does have a B5 look to it. But as to what it could mean ? Your guess is as good as mine. And I, have no clue.
It WAS like a B5ish type space station I think... & if I remember correctly I don't think it was textured.
On a completely unrelated topic to the previous post showing the mystery 3D render, which I’ve stuck up here again since only one person f’ing shared it. ; )

If you want to see more Babylon 5 being made you should ‘like’ the page on the end of this link, and point every sci-fi fan you know to it.


For years jms has said fan based campaigns are a waste of time, now he’s done a complete 180 on that - spending a few hours last night tweeting with folks on the future prospects of a new Babylon 5 show.

I’m not suggesting there’s any significance in the fact that the shows 20th anniversary is next year (this year was the 20th for the movie, a separate thing). But stuff does go on behind-the-scenes that fans aren’t always aware of.

I’m also not suggesting you should send emails or write letters. That’s too much like hard work personally – but pressing a button!! Maybe using the #FreeBabylon5 if tweeting is your thing. Letting others (not just existing B5 fans) know about it, is so easy to do.

It’s also easy to be cynical after all this time, but what harm could it do. There might even be a few major surprises waiting in the wings……. Wings! Get it. ; )

BTW. A little known fact is that when B5 was first on the air, Warner Bros. paid very close attention to the online activity of fans – and jms’s interaction with them.