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So...what is everybody reading now? (part Deux)


Just finished "Empire" by Orson Scott Card (highly recommend the book)

am now starting on 1916 by Morgan Llewelyn and will read all of the series ("1916", "1921", "1949", "1972") again :D
"Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close," by Johnathan Safran Foer (authoer of Everything Is Illuminated)
I am just beginning "His Excellency" by Joseph J. Ellis, which is a biography of George Washington.
"[SIZE=-1]Underbara kvinnor vid vatten" (Mysterious Women at the Water), a Finland-Swedish book I need to read for a course on Finnish literature at university. It's about .. absolutely nothing. Oh lucky me.
Thats an awesome book Thompson rules. I just finished "as used on the famous Nelson Mandela" by Mark Thomas all about how deeply fucked up British legislation on control of the arms trade is, highly recommended, and just started "Have I Got Views For You" by the great Boris Johnson.
I'm currently reading "Eldest" by Christopher Paolini. I watched Eragon the other week and liked it enough to get the books... they're turning out much better.

Still waiting on the next Harry Potter book.
Lately, I've been bouncing between my own choices and novels/plays for my British Lit II class, so I'm currently reading Fool Moon by Jim Butcher, and Pygmalion by George Bernard Shaw.
Just finished Tolkiens 'The Children of Hurin' edited by Christopher Tolkin
Not bad just fills in a lot more about Turin that you did not know from the Silmarillion. His time with the outlaws were the best parts.
I recommend it for any Tolkien fan.
sword of shannara is an awesome set, i would warn you against "the voyage of the jerle shannara" load of arse set later.
Just finsihed "Midnight Mass" by F. Paul Wilson (IMHO, the best vampire novel ever written)

Starting on "Aztec Rage" by Gary Jennings (Main Author of "Aztec" Novels. He has since passed away but left beind outline(s)? for further "Aztec" Novels) Robert Gleason and Junius Podrug (the guys who wrote the book following the outline left beind)
I just finished reading Clan of the Cave Bear, now onto the next in the series, Valley of Horses. Also, I read Five People You Meet in Heaven yesterday at the bookstore. As soon as I find my copy of Aztec, I'll be re-reading that.
Well .. you told me NOT to read it. Being a completionist and stubborn, I refused to listen :D
Didn't I tell you not to read the third one? 3001 is the book I wish someone would read and want to discuss. :)

Anyhow, hope you are enjoying it. I certainly did.

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