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Meh, really? :p I am not sure I like where they are heading this season but at least things are interesting enough for me to bump it ahead of Enterprise on my season pass list. :D

Anyway, it gives a whole new outlook on teenage rebellion huh? ;)
I know everything seems to be going to pot... but I have no doubt they'll pull it all together again.

The bad constrasts the good.
I thoroughly loathed the season opener. I rolled my eyes so many times that they nearly fell out of my head. :rolleyes:

I suppose...to each, his own. :)
I rolled my eyes and groaned (and not in a good way) at some of the things that were going on too! Still, putting it above Enterprise isn't saying very much for me since Ent repeats on Sat and SV does not.

If SV gets really cheesy and bad I will definitely drop it while I might give Ent more of a chance. It's easier to make fun of Ent. :D

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