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Smallville season four (spoilers)


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Woo. Smallville season three was getting tired at times, it feels like they've really freshened things up -- particularly with the cast changes. Pete was dead wood. The new guy, Jensen Ackles, well I'm happy just to look at him.

And Lois is growing on me.

If they can just stop all the long talks between Clark and Lana, we'll be fine.

Surprised they found Chloe so quickly, and that Lionel's court case happened so quickly, but it'll be interesting to see if Chloe remains in the show.

All in all, a good new start.
I was really surprised about Chloe being found so soon as well. I thought maybe it was going to be a major plot of part of the season, "Was Chloe really dead." The reason I thought this was because I read that Louis Lane is suppose to appear in about 12 or 13 episodes this season and it was said she was investigating her cousin's apparent murder.

I wonder whats up with Lana? Does she have some sort of powers now? For some reason I keep thinking Wonder Woman. :LOL:
Didn't liked the second episode as much as first. It was OK, but kind of boring and unrealistic.
It was cool but I had hoped we'd be rid of Lana for longer. No matter how good she looks the constant woe is me attitude and inability to make a damn decision and stick with it gets old, quickly.

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