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Slowly sneaking into the mainstream

When FARK feels comfortable making a B5 reference without explanation in a headline, I'd say the show has taken a giant leap forward in public recognition.

NOTE: This is not a comment on any real-life candidate, and not an invitation to the kind of political discussion that has no place in this forum. I'm just pointing out an amusing headline and the fact that the editors at FARK think that enough people will "get" it that they went ahead and used it.

Since it will inevitably scroll off their main page, let me explain that FARK linked to a story about a possible technical violation of Federal Election law by Gen. Wesley Clark (he may have talked about his presidential ambitions during paid speaking engagements after announcing himself as a candidate - which may be a violation of the Byzantine rules covering Federal elections.) The link isn't the point, of course, the FARK headline is:

"Clark violates election law, is endorsed by Psi Corps"




The best thing about FARK's site isn't so much the articles, but the comments threads ABOUT the articles. The people who post there regularly usually go nuts with photoshop and make all sorts of funny comments. Us B5 fans will get a kick out of some of the comments on this thread. Look here:

Clark violates election law, is endorsed by Psi Corps

There are some funny custom-made pictures there and some comments. My favorite:

"Word of advice to anyone travelling with him: If he gets a cold and leaves the ship, follow him off. Trust me."
not an invitation to the kind of political discussion that has no place in this forum.

Why would you ever think something like that might happen here? :p

(And yes, it is amusing. Well worth the risk to forum tranquility... :))

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