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Sliders / SeaQuest DVDs ???


Well, Universal will release the Sliders set in August. Good news. And I wonder... will SeaQuest DSV come out as well in the near future?
Cool! Is it just season 1? Or all seasons? Though I probably would only get the first couple of seasons.

Season 1 and 2 together for Sliders.
I liked Sliders, got them all on video. But man, the writing really was bad sometimes in the early years.

My favourite year is actualy season five.
Sliders is one of my guilty pleasures. So I'm looking forward to having them on DVD. I hope they do release all the seasons. The first couple of seasons are the only ones I've seen every episode from. I've only seen about half the 3rd season, about a fifth of the 4th and just one episode from the fifth season so this would give me a chance to finally see the entire series.

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