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Sleeping in Light


Beyond the rim
Yesterday I was cleaning out some files and found a copy of Sleeping in Light which I had printed out back in 1998
from the Lurker's Guide, and I started to read it. Pretty soon I was all choked up and reaching for the kleenex.
I felt like an idiot, but this episode still has the power to move me, five years after the end of the series, and it was
just the printed synopsis. I was afraid to go and put on the video in case I succumbed to buckets of tears.

Are others still affected by this episode? In my view it is one of the best finales of any series, if not the best.
I have to agree there SIL is the best ending to a series I have seen .Every time I see it I cry every time even after so many times of seeing the ep .It amazes me of how JMS is such a great story teller.
I was very much affected the first time... but not the second time. I guess the first time was largely because it seemed so final, that it was the end of the show... the second time, I was used to that idea.
I've only seen it once, not that long ago, but I'll tell you that every time I see a sunrise I remember Sheridan's last words. It's so great how they end it on a positive note, with a sunrise and not a sunset. It's truly marvelous.
Yes, "Sleeping in Light" still affects me. I've only seen it the one time, when it was first aired here in the US, but years later, the images remain.

But I'll exchange "best finale" for "most powerful finale". I've a different "funniest" and "most tragic" finales, which also--in their own way--vie in my mind as equals for "best". IMHO.

I still get all teary-eyed every time I watch it. /forums/images/graemlins/grin.gif

Nah, I closed that one down and moved it to Minbar. /forums/images/graemlins/grin.gif
I like that episode!!!. It gave me the chance to see the First Ones again... well at least Lorien. Somehow I feel that they were not completly gone!!!.

Now if they just create an entire series about the first ones!!! no centaury, no narns, no mimbary and no HUMANS!!!
just first ones!!!
The one thing I noticed out of the ordinary was that Ivonova was wearing a pair of earrings. She'd always worn one (having given one to her brother) - I guess she got over that.

And as for the first time I saw it, it was on TNT at the end of S5. I couldn't help thinking- "But whatever happened to...


And as for the first time I saw it, it was on TNT at the end of S5. I couldn't help thinking- "But whatever happened to...


Londo: Dead. Gkar kills him.
Gkar: Dead. Londo kills him.
Lyta: Dead. Bester probably kills her.

SiL chokes me up to the extent that I almost can`t bear watching it .. a very good episode indeed , but it pains my heart to watch Delenn and Sheridan ( my 2 fav chars in B5 ) saying the final goodbye at the end ..
Ivanova only wore one earring? I'm really awful at observing stuff.

I always cry when Ivanova does the speech at the end.
I remember the explanation from Itb, but I never noticed she only wore one earring throughout the series.

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