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Sleeping in Light *sob*


OK, I finally watched 'Sleeping in Light' with the commentary.

Once again I sobbed at the destruction of the station. A few tears at other points on the commentary. A more recent tissue moment is during the supper scene when Sheridan toasts absent friends. Now, of course, it makes me think of Rick.

Off to find the tissues again.
You're hardly alone, Ranger Elenopa. JMS's voice cracked a couple of times, too. There are three places where I can't help but reach for the tissue box in SiL and listening to JMS's commentary doesn't detract from them at all. In fact, I think it enhances it when the Station is destroyed "...a grand and glorious departure..."

Now <u>that's</u> television as it should be.
Seeing the station blow up still gets to me, and I'm no chick! :p

Well, I don't sob anymore like I did the first few times I saw it, but it still gives me goosebumps. :LOL:




Watch who you're calling chick! :mad:

At least I don't go all teary eyed at the goodbye scene (well, not much). Is it strange that I mourn the passing of the station more than the people?
I think I may have been a bit more emotionally affected by the goodbye scence if it wouldn't have that "my sun, my moons" bit. Blech.

The most emotional Sheridan/Delenn scence for me is the very last one- watching the sunrise.
Is it strange that I mourn the passing of the station more than the people?

Well, the people are still around, but the station is gone forever... And, of course, it embodied the whole show more than any individual could.