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Sleeping in Light - Music Question

Hi guys,

I suppose slightly (though not much) off-topic.

The family sat down tonight and watched "Dragonheart" ... you know the one with Sean Connery as the voice of a friendly (though still pretty scary looking) dragon.

At the end, when the dragon dies and floats away into the ether, the music theme playing is almost identical to the theme playing when B5 is destroyed in SiL. Although slightly different in instrumentation and power (subjective opinion!), melodically it is the same - and in the context of the movie I guess the moment carries a similar level of significance.

The movie was scored by Randy Edelman, and pre-dates SiL by a year or so.

Now it is a minor issue, and as a musician I know that there are only so many original tunes in the world, but this was so similar that it leapt out at me straight away, and I was a tad disappointed to see that one of my favourite pieces of B5 music was apparently recycled by CF from the work of another composer.

It's not going to spoil my enjoyment of the episode, or that piece of music, as and when I get around to watching it again, it just seems a shame that he didn't try a bit harder to give us something that wasn't almost identical to something else for such a key moment at the end of the show.


Rant over ... we now return you to your nomal service.

Yeah, I've noticed the similarity to the "Dragonheart" theme for many years - especially since that piece of music has been used a temporary music for many, many movie trailers since - but I actually like "Sleeping in Light's" few-less-note version better. But it's such a small part of the overall SiL soundtrack, which I consider to be a friggin' gem anyway, that the coincidence doesn't bother me a bit.

To those who are not familiar, the "Dragonheart" theme bears a close resemblance to the credcendo music played during B5's destruction - and subsequently during the credits.

There was also that coincidence between the bar music from "The Face of the Enemy" and "Hardly Wait" sung by Juliette Lewis in the movie "Strange Days". Almost identical song, different words. But I wouldn't have the Sheridan take-down any other way. /forums/images/icons/grin.gif
I have that movie. I will have to watch it again some time to see if the music in that scene matches SiL. I never noticed before.
I just watched that scene. I dont know, it really didnt remind me of the end of SiL music wise. Ok, there were SOME similarities, but it really did sound different. Different tones, different pace, etc. There is so much music out there that a lot of stuff sounds similar sometimes, but I dont think that the SiL music was written with Dragonheart ending in mind, it just seemed to different and was in a whole other direction.
Like I said, I noticed a similarity but never thought it was close enough to be considered copying. The Dragonheart theme is a 16-note combination; SiL has only 10 notes, but both themes follow a somewhat similar pattern. And in the scheme of things, it's a small part of the overall SiL suite.
I watched my copy of Dragonheart the other evening, and I did see the similarity between the music in that scene where Draco goes to be with his fellow dragons in the sky and the music from SiL. They are similar enough to notice that they are, but they are also different.
I found both pieces of music so powerful that I plan on writing a will of sorts to have both played at my services when my time comes.
Dragonheart is one of my all time favorite movies and I think the similarity is the mood of the scene. It's the death and yet continuation of a major part of the story. There are probably other movies out there that have similar music for the ending, it's one of those themes that is pretty consistent.
But it doesn't cheapen or demean either piece of music in any way. Neither would be the same with any other piece of music.
The Dragonheart music is somewhat quieter, not as dramatic as the SIL music. Oh..and just a side note..if no one noticed before...the music used in Objects At Rest is the same. The only difference is the scene with Lennier. The parting music is the same piece. And because OAR was filmed after SIL..it was easier to borrow it and more fitting that the music be the same.
I guess.
My two credits worth
OMG PM, we are thinking alike again! I was thinking of having the SiL themed played at my funeral too. /forums/images/graemlins/shocked.gif /forums/images/graemlins/laugh.gif
Now don't think this is wierd but you can use this too.
I had an idea to either send up my ashes in a fireworks display on a beach and a huge bonfire, playing the Dragonheart and SiL for the whole show. There is a clandestine company I think that will put your ashes in a fireworks bomb and do a display. For a cost. It's dang expensive to send up fireworks..even just a few shells. But I'd rather have that kind of funeral than dropping a box in the ground.
Okay, this is officially off the topic..time to move to another forum

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