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Sky Captain

Oh, so you noticed the SG-1 opening theme music as well?

This is either gonna be really cool or suck hard. I'm not seeing much in the way of a middle ground with this flick.

I also saw this trailer today.....I don't even know where to start with Spongebob.
Gee, that really is some great music isn't it? ;)
Looks like it could be interesting.
Well, as long as the movie itself has an original theme. Angelina looks surprising hot with an eyepatch and black military uniform.
This looks great. I love the idea of sci-fi period movies and this one looks very Tim Burton-esque. :cool:
Hmmm, I can't get excited really. I like the 1930's look, but I seriously doubt the movie will be any good.

Don't ask why, It's just my bad movie radar.

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