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A Voice In The Wilderness Part 2

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So I'm feeling nosey and I was wondering what the site stats are like for this place. We read about how FireFox has pushed Internet Explorer's market share down below 90% but I was wondering what the percentage was for regular net users like ourselves.

I've added the usual What do you use? poll but I was wondering if Ant would share the true site stats with us.

Please? :)
I've not had access to site stats since we moved to this server, which was about 2 years ago now.

To be honest, I don't need them so have never bothered. :D

I selected IE, but I plan to properly try Firefox very soon.
The only reason I use IE is to manually download microsoft updates, for everything else I use Firefox.
Ah that's a shame about the stats. The unscientific poll results above fly in the face of average website stats though. :)

I use Firefox exclusively since tabbed browsing and livebookmarks are essential for me. Mouse gestures sound funky but I dunno if they'd help much. The flash plugins use too many clock cycles and sometimes it crashes but really nothing else comes close in terms of overall speed of use.
I also refuse to use IE for a number of reasons - lack of development, poor style sheet support and most all because it doesn't support png alpha channels. I feel that people who use IE by choice are holding back web development by supporting MS' outdated browser.

Eli, could you comment on why you use it? The thread has been rather FF friendly so far. I know some companies only let employees use IE and won't let other browsers be installed. I also know some companies that have banned their users from using IE through security concerns!

I have DSL through SBC Yahoo and they have their own browser. I use mainly that, and sometimes IE.
Ah yes. But SBC Yahoo!'s browser is just plain old IE with Yahoo!'s additional pop up blocking. :)
Yeah I'd forgotten. My #1-with-a-bullet reason that vanilla IE needs to be junked is that you have to upgrade your operating system to get a pop-up blocker!
I only have computer access at work, where our choices are IE and Netscape. Since we were told that if we use IE, and access our bank accounts, bad people in Russia and Estonia will be able to access them too, I only use Netscape.
You must have lousy security systems in banks there. :D I've been doing all my banking online for at least 8 years now (using mostly IE for that) and have never had any problems, with domestic hackers or otherwise.

Anyway, I picked IE since I happened to reply to the poll at home. And I use IE for most boards at home, and Firefox for a lot of other things (since I prefer to stay logged in all the time, and Firefox already has the automatic login set for the same boards for another person ;) ). Usually have both running side by side, with perhaps 2-3 IE windows open and the rest of the net browsing done in 5-6-12 Firefox tabs.

At work I use Mozilla almost exclusively, apart from certain work things that require using IE occasionally (accessing our clients' intranets etc when needed, or needing the full functionality of Microsoft's website).

I used to use Firefox at work too, but one day it crashed irrepairably and after that, reinstalling it (have tried with a couple of newer versions since then) has proved to be impossible: it will exhibit the exact same behaviour that the old crashed version did (even though I've always uninstalled the old before trying to install again, plus manually deleted everything Firefox-related I could find in program files & the registry as well - I guess I have to be missing something, but I don't feel like a Windows reinstall to get rid of the issue).
Firefox nearly exclusively. I was using Mozilla with an occasional IE, but that's rare anymore.
You must have lousy security systems in banks there. :D I've been doing all my banking online for at least 8 years now (using mostly IE for that) and have never had any problems, with domestic hackers or otherwise.

I do a lot of banking on line too. I forget the details, but there was some way that hackers were able to obtain lots of keystroke info from people using IE, and it was said the info was being sent to Russia and Estonia. It was due to some flaw in IE that they exploited. It had nothing to do with the bank's security.
I said Firefox, which is what I would be using if I could. Since the demise of my not-quite-trusty-enough laptop, which ran Firefox for a glorious two months, I've been reduced to using public computers, and it's kind of hit or miss whether they've got Firefox or not.

But I'm a Firefox guy in my soul.

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