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Sin City


Now *there*'s a film I can get behind.


Caught this on a preview yesterday, and it exceeded my expectations. Since my expectations were already very high, that's even more impressive. :cool:

Loved the look, the style, the pacing, the performances, and the super-stylised visuals. I was worried it wouldn't perform at the box office, but all the previews sold out last night, so that's got to be a good sign...

I saw this a few weeks ago. I was impressed. I wasn't too sure about it going in, as I wasn't really sure what it was all about. It certainly had a comic book feel to it. The casting seemed to be pretty well done. It was definitely worth the money.
I really liked the visual style. The violence was a bit much, but some of the performances were stellar.
I knew virtually nothing about this movie before seeing it and was pleasantly surprised by the story and style. I don't buy many movie dvd's, but I think I'll pick this one up when it comes out in August.