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Sigs:I'll show you mine, and you'll show me yours


Sigs:I\'ll show you mine, and you\'ll show me yours

I'm using my signature on this board to promote a website.
On other boards, I'm using the blog/journal system to write about the Call to Arms for the cast, and using my sig. to send people to KeepB5Alive. Here's journal entry and here's my signature on forums.trivialbeing.net (only visible to registered users):

Evangelion and Babylon 5 to the big screen

Babylon 5: The Memory of Shadows to re-cast original roles?
Join our Crusade to Keep B5 Alive and visit keepb5alive.com to learn more

Also welcome: Posters hung at your school, TV ads on national television, other things you've done to spread the word on the re-casting.

Jerry Doyle (Mr. Garibaldi) related a story of how he rented a balloon and threw out flowers over the house, and then dressed up and joined a Marriachi band playing outside his girlfriend's office to say he was sorry. ;) We can top that, right?

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