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Showing Season 2 in UK Confirmed


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Just thought I would let you guys know that season 2 is airing in the UK. The first episode (Letters from the other side) is showing on sky one on the 18th January @ 11pm. This is repeated on sky one mix on the Sunday 23rd Jan @ 10pm. The series continues in the same time slots weekly (until sky decide to move it mid season! :rolleyes:)
I was pretty excited to read this news - unfortunately Sky's website TV Guide doesn't agree with you.

Tuesday 18th @ 11pm is halfway through a repeat showing of the first ep of the Farscape: Peacekeeper Wars mini-series.

Where did you get your info from?
Sorry for getting your hopes up guys, mine have been dashed also. It looks like sky have pulled it before it even started. For the record I got my info from the tv schedules (digiguide in particular) and I even got it from the horses mouth (and they are still saying it):-

We can only hope that the fact it has scheduled once, it may resurface again in the near future...

Indeed, surely this means they have already paid to show it, but they haven't decided which graveyard slot to shove it in yet... :(
I hope they do show it, no matter what time slot they stick it in. I am lucky enough to have seen S2 already, but I imagine there are a lot of other UK fans who have not.

I really enjoyed S1, but S2 was just superb - it had me totally hooked all the way through :D

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