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Short story contest II


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With the large amounts of thumbs up the last story contest created, it's inevitable that we do another.

So this post is to basically field for ideas... what does everyone want to see?

Think out of the box if you want.
I enjoy my box, thankyou very much.

What about a short story where we change an event in B5 to end in a different way....a way we choose.
I've just this minute finished reading 'The Eye of Argon' with my Mother. I never knew it existed before the last convention I went to.

How about writing an ending to that?
Might help if you told us what it was about, and why we need to come up with an ending to it. Doesn't it have a good ending of its own?

I like the "small change, big impact" idea. It might have to be longer than the last competition, because we'd need to explain both the change and the impact.

Or we could follow some minor character, whose story we don't really know, after they've left B5 (or possibly why they show up in the first place). I'm thinking people like Major Kemmer, or how Ta'Lon got on that Strieb ship in the first place, or what David MacIntrye did on Narn.
That is a brilliant idea! Seriously

Anna: John, there´s nowhere to run. Come back, we can fix it. Take my hand.
John: (looks out the balcony, shakes head).
Kosh: Jump! Jump Now!
John: Jump? What are you, crazy?
Kosh: God, i mean a guy named Lorien, will grab you and heal you from the 100 megaton explosion and 5km fall.
John: Yeah , right. (turns to Anna) Lets go back inside, honey. By the way the whitestar is coming down, just in case you morons over there haven´t noticed it yet. Could you take care of it? Thanks.
'The Eye of Argon' is apparently regarded as one of the worst fantasy stories ever written. It cannot be described, only experienced.

There are any number of copies on the net, but here is the one I read;

The Eye of Argon
I've always thought it would be neat to do an expansion of one of the unseen events within the series itself. For example, what happened between Sheridan's conversation in "The Long Night" with Erickson, and that White Star's destruction in detail.

Or who REALLY was behind Londo's assassination attempt in Soul Mates? How did it work in more details?

Just my two cents...

Ok, The Eye of Argon is hilariously pathetically funny.

I like the alternate ending possibility. I also like the idea of takinga minor character and doing something with them.

Or, there's always........... "The Many Adventures of Mack & Bo"

I think that doing something with a minor character would lend itself to a short story contest better than the alternate ending thing would.
I think you should make the "short" stories extra-long.

Just proving my evilness to Kribu, again, since she's one who will have to read through them.
Any extra-long stories would of course have to include references to G'Kar in his nightrobe. (To please Antony who will have to read all of them.
Corwin in need of loving and a scantily clad G'Kar... hm. I don't think such a story would be suitable for any place but the NC-17 forum!
Maybe I could enter my "SOSB: The War of the Feet" story that I wrote on a board long ago and far away.

But then again that's not really a B5 story. It's got gobs of B5 references, but the characters are myself and people like Kribu that I posted with at the time.

Oh, and of course it has a salad bar.

Oh, and it's 13 chapters long, so it's probably too long any way.
Corwin in need of loving and a scantily clad G'Kar... hm. I don't think such a story would be suitable for any place but the NC-17 forum!
Damn right it does. And don't forget to include "Hair, don't read this if you liked your lunch this afternoon" in the thread title.

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