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Short Stories Covers

Ambassador Dave

New member
Hi All,

This is my first post here (although I've lurked for over 2 years) so I'm very excited to join this community.

I'm Dave and I'm a fan from the UK. I watched the show when it aired originally. I bought the comic books and toys, I've read the short stories and I've read 50% of the books (The rest are in my huge "to do" pile).

I watch at less one episode a month and recently tried to get my girlfriend interested in the show. We got to "Mindwar" about a year ago and then our Son arrived and we haven't really had time since. But I'm not giving up.

Because I took a break from being a hardcore fan for a few years in missed the books and the short stories when they were released. However I've caught up now (at considerable expense!).

My question/request is (and I hope this doesn’t break the rules of the board):
Does anybody have a nice scan of the covers of the Amazing Heroes Mag's and The B5 Mags that contained the Short Stories?

I've just got the pages when I bought them online, not the whole mag'. Being a “collector” this really bugs me (I’m sure plenty of you know what I’m talking about, my fellow collectors).

I have found the Amazing Heros covers on their website, but the quality is no good as the images are so small.

Also If fellow fans from the UK would like to get in touch that would be welcomed (other contries are also welcomed). Especially if you’re the chap I was chatting to at Collectormania while waiting to meet Peter Jurasik & Stephen Furst and who sat with us while Walter Koenig was talking. Thanks for telling me about B5TV dude.

And thanks in advance to anyone who can help me with my request.