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Ship of Texas???

It's an extra ep JMS decided to throw in about planet killers. They are big, like Texas is, so that fits. :p
Isn't it the one where they find George W Bush floating around cryonically frozen in an ancient Earth ship, floating on a course towards Z'Ha'Dum? It's a sequel to The Long Dark an sets up the next episode Ship of Tears as a Black Omega team stumble across the rough co-ordinates of the frozen telepaths after intercepting the ancient Earth ship after it and it's contents are allowe to continue their voyage. Aftre the crew of Babylon 5 debate and reject the idea of thawing Bush out.
I spotted that a week or two ago. Would have thought they would have corrected it by now. :eek:

Skiffy? Naah! They don't correct anything unless they're told about it, and then it takes several weeks.
As an Okie, I know so many Texan jokes I could make everyone here puke, but I'm too nice a guy to do that. But I will post a link with bastante Bushisms, in recognition of the worst Texas joke:
just scroll down a bit, and they begin... :D
When I saw the title of this thread, all I had in my head was a cowboy prancing around yelling YEE-HA! :LOL:
Thanks, I was close on the quote from memory.

So, Bush stole the election, Clarke stole Santiago's election. You think Dubya's in with the Shadows?

If by Shadows you mean right wing religious wackos who believe it is their Christian duty to help Israel, and begin the battle of Armaggedon, so all the righteous can be lifted into heaven in the rapture, the answer is YES!

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