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Sheridon and Delenn


Do any of you think the prophecies said anything about the one changing from minbari to human would fall in love with a human? It seems Delenn takes to Sheridan right away and tries to protect him. And it's definitely she who is putting the moves on sheridan. Even when Sheridan was an ass she still was nice to him like in Confessions and Lamentations.
I always thought it was more of a solo decision of Delenn to merge the two races. But I do think the love between them was genuine. The first time they see each other, you can see sparks.
I don't think their union was actually part of that prophecy, but I do believe that they were meant to be together. Why else would both of them be referred to along with Sinclair as "The One" by Zathras in WWE? And Delenn called the two of them "old souls" once. That seems to indicate to me that someone whether it be God, the Great Maker, or the Universe meant for them to be together.
The way i got it it was not really part of the prophecy..it could be interpreted as part of the mergind with the second half of the soul..but anyway..think about who made the prophecy. Valen aka Sinclair. His prophecies were based on what he himself saw in the future. In WWE when the White Star is going through the rift, there is a scene in which Delenn and Sheridan hold hands, Sinclair sees this and smiles, kind of like a proud father. So, also if there would be this prophecy and Delenn went after him because of it, that is only because they really would fall in love, otherwise the prophecy would not excist (I hope you're still getting what I'm saying)

Delenn making the moves does not necesarily mean that she's just folling a prophecy and he's initially not interested. Consider his situation. Also if he is very attrakted by Delenn, consider (a) he just lost his wife Anna, who he had truly loved, a few years before. He's not over her jet and IMHO he only truly gets over Anna when he dies at Z'ha'dum (b) Consider his special relationship to the Minbari at this time in the series. In general, they hate him. Would you make moves to a relationship with the ambassador of a species that in general hates you, wants you out or even dead?

All that said, i think it is obvious that there is mutual, genuine love between them from the start. Just look at Sheridans gaze in Revelations when he meets Delenn for the first time when not being about to be executed (ITB)

I remember when i saw that episode the first time when it initially aired here (I was on B5 from the middle of the 1st season of the initial airing) i noticed that there was something in the air when they meet.
Old souls is what Delenn said. Why would she say this? Maybe since it was alluded to in prophecy so long ago she assumes they are old souls
I could tell Sheridan and Delenn did love each whether or not it was because of prohecies I'm not sure .the bad about it was that Delenn didn't fall in love with Sinclair instead of Sheridan .
<blockquote><font class="small">Quote:</font><hr>Originally posted by Shaal Mayan:
<font color=yellow>I could tell Sheridan and Delenn did love each whether or not it was because of prohecies I'm not sure .the bad about it was that Delenn didn't fall in love with Sinclair instead of Sheridan .</font color=yellow><hr></blockquote>

Exactly. If there were this prophecy and she felt herself directly adressed by it (what she seemingly does) she would try to get romanticly involved with Sinclair. She doesn't.
Delenn cites 'prophecies', without detail, as her reason for undergoing the change in Chrysalis. This made her able to mate with a human. Therefore, even though I am sure they were in love, their ability to have children at least, is a result of prophecy, and Delenn knowing and heeding that prophecy.
A Questions - isn't Delenn a direct descendant of Valen (aka Sinclair) and that falling in love with him might make things 'complicated'??????????
Before you start throwing around the word "prophecy" think about this. There is no way to predict the future. Yes Sinclair saw what happened but once you start delving into the murkier realm of time travel. As Nostrodamus said "I see the possibilties of things to come".
Anyway I digress, the problem with prophecy is that it's usually self fulfilling. Take something like star signs for example. Take a look at your sign from about a week or two ago. Open your mind and you can link random events that happened over that weeks time period. The "predictions" appear to make some sense. If you read your current horoscope and are determined that it will come true, then you will subconsciously look for the opportunity.
You go to a palm reader, they tell you that you will twist your ankle in the near future. You will do your best to avoid it. But by being more careful than usual you may twist that ankle and unwittingly fulfill the prophecy. I know it seems a little vague and I'm not explaining it really well but Sheridan fell in love with Delenn and vice versa. No predetermined event, merely two ordinary people thrown together in an extraordinary chain of events. It happens at the best of times as well as the worst!
A prophecy is a guess that comes true. If it doesn't its a metaphor.
Its true that prophecies can be laid out as whatever you want and always come true in some way
but the prophecies we are talking about here are not the normal kind of prophecies. They were made by Sinclair based on what he allready saw in the future..but i really don't think Delenn was ever solely following prophecies with her actions, not when going into the Chrysallis and not when going after Sheridan.
I'd say - at least in the B5 universe - that some prophecies can be foretold ... to amazing detail. Londo's dreams of the Shadow Ships over the capital of Centuari Prime? Londo seeing his own death at the hands of a one-eyed G'kar (before he met G'kar) as he sat on the throne? Even G'kar (when telepathic) saw that! Lady Morella seeing that both he and Vir would become Emporer - I'm not sure how likely one could argue Vir at that time in Centauri politics and history ... though you can argue because of that belief - which did not seem to govern many actions, though, and was mostly forgotten - events self-fullfilled themselves for Vir to take the throne.
I tend to agree with CB. They are for the most part guess. Sinclair could not be certain if he would have survived the time travel. Look at how he aged with one jump. Even All Mighty Zathras: ) expected death. However they both survived. There was definitely a chain of events that seemed to lay down the ground work. but anything could affect the outcome! I would like to think that Delenn did take an unexpected path. An alliance is an alliance. Love however is a far more sound basis for a relationship!
I wasn't clear. I meant that Delenn was in love with Sheridan. Of course, she hadn't met him when she went through the change, but still did so as a result of prophecy.
Fair enough. Certain things were predestined but all it takes is one deviation and it all goes hell on a rollercoaster. What if the prophecy was for the two of them to work together but not fall in love? certain inherent suspicions and old hatreds may have interferred when a critical decision had to made and the end result may have been somewhat different!
I agree that the prophecy could have predicted that the two of them would work together, but I'm not all that sure it would have said that they would fall in love, get married, and have a son.
/ubbthreads/images/icons/laugh.gif Yes you did. /ubbthreads/images/icons/laugh.gif

Actually, there's nothing wrong with being sappy. Some of the scenes between Sheridan and Delenn have touched me as well. /ubbthreads/images/icons/wink.gif

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