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Shadow questionnaire on the Hand...



Thank you for participating in our survey, brought to you by the Shadow Institute of Strategic Research, constantly working for the betterment of the younger races. Shortly after our departure beyond the Rim, one of our loyal Drakh forwarded us this recording:

<BLOCKQUOTE><font size="1" face="Verdana, arial">quote:</font><HR>"Hello, younger races, we are the hand. What do you mean, which hand? We are the hand! Resistance is... fine, we can talk about that later, just put down the gun.

You see, we are undefeatable. We fear nothing. We have a marketing department which makes the Shadows look like insects. What do you mean, they are gone? Annoyed a bonehead and she sued them? But that is impossible! You can not drive them away! We tried, but they... well, that is a long story.

Anyway, we are finally back in this dimension. You will serve us. What? Up what? Now let us be be reasonable. What chances would your Drakh Entire have against us? Hey, what are you doing with that keeper? Keep this thing away from me! Nooo!<HR></BLOCKQUOTE>

Our loyal Drakh has asked us to evaluate this threat, and its potential effects from 2265 to 2267. Given that our data are outdated, we would like to ask your assistance. Answer any questions or ask new ones.

1. What do they want?

- Chaos and evolution.
- Order and obedience.
- Resources.
- Control.
- Destruction.

2. Who are they?

- Beings of energy?
- Beings of matter?
- Not beings at all.

3. How do they work?

- Directly, their own butt in line.
- Through others, by controlling.
- Through others, by motivating.

4. Where are they?

- In this dimension?
- In another?
- In both.
- If not here, how do they communicate, influence, come and leave?

5. Who do they serve?

- An abstract principle.
- Their own interest.
- The interest of someone else.

6. Other questions.

Are they centralized?
Do they have a base, a place of power?
Is their influence spreading or declining?
If spreading, then how do they spread it?
If declining, who or what causes it? How do they fight?
Do they use ships?
Do they have allies?
What are their tactics?

"We are the universe, trying to figure itself out.
Unfortunately we as software lack any coherent documentation."
-- Delenn

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1. What do they want?

As the greatest evil the galaxy has ever seen, of course - they just want a hug.

2. Who are they?


3. How do they work?

You don't see them working. Until you're ensnared in their little web with no chance of escape.

4. Where are they?

As supreme beings they've been everyplace, and have access to knowledge and resources beyond human comprehension. Hear that noise coming from the closet? No, don't open it!

5. Who do they serve?

Serve? Since they're called the hand of god, maybe they consider themselves 2nd to him.. and consider themselves to be doing his work in their own twisted way.

Humans start wars..
And minbari finish them
The comments by a Mr. Kafta saying that the Shadows are insects were not offically sanctioned by The Hand PR dept. and in actuality The Hand respects the work of the Shadows increasing the general chaos quotient of the galaxy by a whole .8865%

The Hand states that all other species will either serve or fall before us, because we are bitter, powerful, and really bored.

The Hand PR Dept.
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