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Shadow Nitpicking Team loses critical thinking...



<font color=#40A000 size=4>Woo-hoo!</font>

Due assistance from certain individuals (who shall go unnamed but have my deepest gratitude) I finally managed to obtain a copy. I just watched it. Defying order in the Rangers forum (sorry, principles of the SNT obligate me) I shall post my review here and now.

Before I sit down to write it, let me quickly summarize my opinion: I very *very* much liked it. I am afraid to admit, but the Shadow Nitpicking Team has temporarily lost its ability to criticize. I can only find flaws either superficial or imaginary. This is scary.

Characters and background:

Excellent! Characters with a personality from the very beginning! Characters with their own ideas, and not fixed in their ways. Characters of various backgrounds and persuasions. Shadows love diversity.

A most interesting crew, and a promise for many fine stories. A promise of more insight into Rangers, Minbari and others. I wonder what will become of them, if they will find what they are looking for... and how.

Setting and ship:

Interesting atmosphere, commendable effects. Given that I liked the general setting very much, it is easier to list what I would like to improve:

- Camera movement in takeoff and hyperspace shots.
- Hyperspace color scheme.
- The weapons interface.

By the way, I find the different atmosphere of Tuzanor rather suitable. I always suspected that Minbari ways would vary slightly, especially within an organisation like Rangers. They are not part of any caste, so you can't expect either religious, worker or warrior habits.

They are a strange mixture created by Valen to wait and keep balance. Now that they have been revived, assigned new duties and become independent of the Nine, things can be expected to be interesting. This is the beginning of the time when Minbari can disagree -- without starting a civil war.


I am intrigued. I have suspicions. I must verify them. I want to find out. The Shadow Nitpicking team will give this project its full support, as much as physical distance allows.

The Minbari seem to be going through a pretty contradictory time. All transitions are hard, and for people used to stability, this must sometimes seem too interesting. I would predict that we will see further contradictions within Minbari and Rangers. It is however a relief to notice that changes have brought out a sense of humor in some individuals.

The rest of the galaxy seem to experience no less trouble -- although more external than internal, with leftover conflicts from the last Shadow War still going hot. Many may be too occupied to see the buildup of new threats. If the main theme will be rebuilding, there will be a lot to expect.

The Hand:

Naturally I am wondering where the Hand fit in, and I can imagine several places to put them. Who could they be? If we take G'Kars words seriously, nobody is exactly who they seem.

1. An ancient enemy stopped at the bridge with a high price, upon their return? This would contrast the theme of Rangers running from battle.

2. An ancient who rewards loyalty, but whose servants will betray them? Whose servants the Rangers will turn against them? A battle of thought instead of arms? Complements the theme of loyalty and betrayal.

3. An ancient enemy who will find their servants exploiting them, never letting them back? The universe can be ironic, you know.

4. An enemy of perceived strength and determination? I have the suspicion that without resources they may not last a good battle... and may find their ambitions crushed. But who will oppose them first? Who will learn first and act first? I have four candidates: the Interstellar Alliance, the Drakh Entire, the technomages or the soul hunters.

5. An enemy who will return to find that conditions have changed beyond their tolerance? Or fall into a trap set for their return? You never know the devious First Ones.


One way or another, this much I am sure of. Should a series come, some conflict with the Hand will ensue. But it will not be a war. Perhaps a few battles. The main theme seems elsewhere, in perfect accordance with the earliest words from JMS. I suspect he may have a piece of paper with schemes, calculations and diagrams hidden away somewhere.

But this is an excellent introduction.

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<BLOCKQUOTE><font size="1" face="Verdana, arial">quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by Lennier:
Defying order in the Rangers forum (sorry, principles of the SNT obligate me) I shall post my review here and now.

Should have known that.

This will be Deviot's decision... but I suppose that as the huge influx of new topics has stopped for now, it doesn't matter quite as much.

I have to say that I agree with your review though. Especially about the characters - I can't help it, I really liked the crew of the Liandra, and any smaller issues I may have had with the look of hyperspace or the make-up of some individuals becomes meaningless if the characters show potential.

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Lennier, so glad you got to see Rangers. It was good wasn't it? Great characters, and as you say, "Characters with a personality from the beginning." I have lost almost all interest in the current crop of Sci Fi programs. So this is our last, best hope!

Thanks for posting your review.

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<BLOCKQUOTE><font size="1" face="Verdana, arial">quote:</font><HR> Woo-hoo! <HR></BLOCKQUOTE>

Woo hoo?

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Ok, I'm apparently out of the loop. What in the world is the Shadow Nitpicking Team?

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<BLOCKQUOTE><font size="1" face="Verdana, arial">quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by The Juche Warrior:
Ok, I'm apparently out of the loop. What in the world is the Shadow Nitpicking Team?


It's the underground team of Shadows that rips apart everything everyone says and does to pieces. Their work can be seen in the posts of their illustrious leader, Lennier (the B5LR guy, not the character on the show), which are longer than my 17 inch monitor and more logical than a differential equation. The SNT can be quite useful in bringing together various pieces of information and forming, ironically enough, well-ordered and disciplined conclusions. They also spread chaos by turning simple statements into grad-school level research papers.

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