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SFX inaccuracy



There is one major inaccuracy left in science fiction SFX. Space ships are not equipped with brakes so they have to use their main engines to slow down. Consequently, when arriving at a planet they would back into orbit. Either last thing on arriving or first thing on departing they would have to flip round to point in the correct direction. This definitely applies to Earth Alliance rocket ships; gravity motors as used on the Excalibur may be able to transmit forwards.

Showing spaceships arriving backwards would certainly get the SFX of a show talked about.

Andrew Swallow
SFX = Sound Effects
FX = Effects, but that covers a lot (like physical effects done on the set.)

So just stick to calling it CGI.

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I have often wondered why space ships are always the same way up
Since there is no up or down in space, how is it they always meet on exactly the same plane.

I believe there was one episode where Kosh's ship came through the gate backwards. Does anyone remember which?

I thought there were several.

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Yes, Kosh's ship Does come through the gate backwards so that it can decellerate quickly.

Most of the others probably wait a while before flipping over. After all, it's a fairly long trip from B5 to the gate.
They'd wait and slow down closer to the station.

We don't see this because it's BORING.
Hey, everyone, lets watch that Narn park the car. It sure is exciting watching people park cars, isn't it??

As far as manouvering into an Orbit around a planet, it's much simpler to be already going the right speed to make orbit as you approach the planet.
If they do it right, the ships shouldn't need to use their engines at all. Just coast on in.
The planetary gravity well will do all the work.

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