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SFC Alert - Time Change Reminder


In case anyone has forgotten, just a quick reminder:

Starting Wednesday January 2, B5 reruns on the Sci-Fi Channel (US) move to 5 PM ET/PT, Monday through Friday.

(They remain stripped five days through the end of January, but apparently lose Fridays again starting February 8.)

Also, another set of Crusade reruns begins the same day, at 1 PM ET/PT, running Monday through Friday to the conclusion on January 18.

And the movies are all running during the week of January 14. Another reminder with details on that later...

-- Marty
"Always do what you're good at," they tell me.
So I go around annoying people.
Ah nuts I want my B5 five days a week now were going to be reduced to four oh well I'll take it anyway I can.