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Severed Dreams


I was just watching the episode last night, and something caught my ear.

Sheridan tells Corwin to recalibrate the defence grid, and it happens, almost instantaneously.

In season 1, when the raiders attack; Sinclair gives a similar order and it takes a couple of minutes to recalibrate.

I don't believe it's a mistake, I think it's just a little gem to highlight one of the advantages of the upgrades from GROPOS.

Do people agree?
Never can tell, though. I think in one of the last episodes of Season Four the Agamemnon's still using the old scanners Sheridan remarks on in "Points of Departure."
Of course, the upgrades offered in "GROPOS" were very beneficial. They were no doubt crucial in the response time.

Do not forget Corwin, though. In "Signs & Portents" the season 1 episode that the raiders attacked, Corwin was a faceless lackey. At this point, Corwin was lucky to pick up a pencil.
By "Severed Dreams," however, Corwin was a recently promoted lieutenant with a career to uphold. The battle of Babylon 5 (that as a nice ring) was Corwin's chance to shine. Throw in the adrenaline difference (a small band of raiders to several Earthforce capital ships) and there you have all the components of the faster weapons calibration.
Dont forget the upgrades during Santiago's visit. ;)

And as far as Corwin goes, he had walked into the lion's den, Susans appartment. :D With and without flowers. :confused: Thats brave! Kinda a turning point in a persons life. :D :D :D