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Severed Dreams


When Delenn breaks the Grey Council, 6 members follow her, it is mostly assumed that these were the Religious and Worker castes. However in an earlier episode, we learned that Neroon was elected to the Grey Council in place of a Religious Caste candidate, therefore causing an imbalance and giving the Minbari Government a stronger inclination for war.

So clearly, one of the members leaving is Warrior Caste, yes?

You may notice that one member tugs on the arm of another to try and talk them out of leaving, to no avail, I reckon this backs up my theory, one Warrior Caste to another saying... "Hey where do you think you're going... aren't you with us?"

I believe the Warrior Caste member who left was Durhann, as we know he had involvement with the rangers, both from season 5 and as early as Season 3 where we learn that Marcus was taught by the same pike master as Neroon, namely Durhan.

Are my deductions correct?
Just checked The Lurkers Guide

They say:

Five hooded Councilors followed Delenn from the council chamber; presumably the remaining four were all warrior caste, as established in "All Alone in the Night." (Only three are visible onscreen, but the whole Council wasn't visible at the start of the scene, either.)
Did Durhan have a change of heart then? Or was he thrown off the Circle earlier due to his support of the Rangers
OT, I Know, but...

"Severed Dreams" is me and Crusade. /forums/images/icons/frown.gif *sigh*
But are you sure that it's actually Durhan, and the same one that taught Marcus and Neroon how to use a Denn'bok?
In the episode Grey 17 is Missing Neroon boasts "I was taught the pike by Durhan himself!" Marcus replies "funny so was I!"

Durhan pokes up in person in Learning Curve, I don't think it is fatal to assume they are one and the same! /forums/images/icons/wink.gif
Yes, I know that, but was it established that he was a member of the Grey Council?

BTW, cool avatar. /forums/images/icons/cool.gif

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