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Severed Dreams - A B5 Game (WIP)


Listen up everybody. There's a Babylon 5 game under development. It's called Severed Dreams. And really worth of checking, although the game is in it's early stages, but it is also very promising. Foxer is the main developer and I'm an "advisor" of some sort, but now I'm doing a promoting tour to get more people onboard and support the game.


Babylon 5: Severed Dreams game itself will start with the death of the President Santiago.
We followed the lead of the original stories, so we have the Start of the Story, The Middle of the Story and The End of the Story. You might of guess all the parts of them...

In the campaign you will be able to fly the Aurora Starfuries and Thunderbolt Starfuries. You will start with Aurora, then you will get Thunderbolts and closer to the end of the Game you will be replaced to Starfuries.

This Game isn't a MOD, but a stand-alone on a 3D Engine built game. This doesn't mean we don't have to make the UI and stuff. It's only the 3D Engine, not already a game engine. The Engine Features: Realistic water surfaces, Dynamic lights, Dynamic shadows using the stencil buffer, Billboards bump mapping, Parallax mapping, Transparent objects, Light maps, Customizeable particle systems for snow, smoke, fire, etc; Sphere mapping, Texture animation, Skyboxes, Fog, and more!

And this is a space simulation, as close to B5's reality as it can get - Newtonian physics, no speed limit, etc.
Also ability to activate everything by using the communications table, but please, you better not activate the Jumpgate during the battle, incase you don't want to run.

Freelance mode, which will throw you into Babylon 5 universe, free at every angle, you can do whatever you want - Visit statons, systems, everything... And Multiplayer. We might add the Skirmish too. Also Hyperspace will be included.


We need help with C++ programming, modelling, 2D art, etc. Anyone is welcome to help Severed Dreams and support the project.

The Severed Dreams Links:
Site: http://fltc.firstones.com/ (WIP)
Forums: http://fltc.firstones.com/cgi-bin/forums/ikonboard.cgi
Contact: Foxer_F1@hotmail.com


It will be awesome, when it's done.
Sweet. How long do you think it will take to finish? Do you plan on releasing it all at once, or possibly in stages (demos)?
There's going to be a Severed Dreams prequel. When it and the game is done? That can only be calculated when we have the engine, then we will set release date depending on our progress More members are needed to work on the project. Especially programmers.
More info...

The multiplayer will be definently in the Prequel. Which should keep people busy until the main campaign is made.
The prequel itself shows how a rookie Alpha 6 changes into ace Alpha 1 and is later reassigned to Io transfer point. The full game will take place a year after the prequel ends.

You can dock with bases by using comm link.
In the freelance mode you can take several missions/trade or join an army.

The Hyperspace will be far better, so you don't have to wait for 10 minutes until your on the other side of the beacon.
The Hyperspace will be far better, so you don't have to wait for 10 minutes until your on the other side of the beacon.

Far better then IFH?

I actually never got past the hyperspace mission in that game...
Hmm. Full Newtonian and accessable gameplay are not always things that go hand in hand. IFH and The Independence War series were the best implmentations i've seen, the worst being Frontier, Elite II.

Good luck with the game, it looks bling already!

I can't help thinking that Severed Dreams is an apt title for a B5 games as we never got the 'offical one', but with all the fan ones out there, it is cool enough.
Ah, Elite II... smashing into a planet's atmosphere whilst deperately firing retros / panicking / trying to change course...
Hi Primus,

I am contacting friends of mine who know well how to work with this kind of things. I am not a programmer.

However, I am willing to help you guys out with other stuffs that certain will be necessary.

Have you guys tried to contact Sergei and his group of programmers? Sergei was the one who developed the IFH game. For sure they could help you with some "tips" since they have had many problems in the development that can be forwarder their experience.

Best Regards,

Another thought...

It took me a while to get used to the Hyperspace maneuvers, however, once you get used to it, you can navigate well. It is very realistic, and for volunteer work, the IFH people did an excellent job and I am wishing the same to Severed Dreams crew.....


I wasn't around when the project leader, Foxer, contacted IFH. But I heard that they rejected co-operation.

Hopefully you have visited the SD forums. :) I haven't been around for awhile, so I haven't been that active on the project.

Any help is welcome. Thanks. :)

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