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Serenity Trailer!

That was one of the comments...I'd heard they were all in it, but one was in it less than the others...I'm guessing that would be the Shepherd...
I'm hoping they've just chosen scenes he's not in, as there's very little of Kaylee either. Must have the Shepherd!

Looks like Summer had a load of fun during filming :)
Firefly was a TV Show by Joss Whedon. It was reallhy, really good, but due to network shenanigans it was shown out of sequence, and the ratings weren't great. So they pulled it early (as they are wont to do...).

But it sold really well on DVD, and shortly thereafter a movie (Serenity) was greenlit. (greenlighted?) This is the trailer for said movie.

I can't recommend Firefly enough; you should be able to pick it up cheaply on DVD. :D

I'm hoping they've just chosen scenes he's not in, as there's very little of Kaylee either. Must have the Shepherd!
Yeah, but Kaylee *is* clearly in the couple of "full group shots", and Book is not.
Firefly was a TV Show by Joss Whedon. It was reallhy, really good, but due to network shenanigans it was shown out of sequence, and the ratings weren't great. So they pulled it early (as they are wont to do...).
To elaborate just a bit (as far as what I understand the background to be, anyway):

Network gave the show the green light when they were in a mood of "we want something ..... anything ..... else by Joss because Buffy and Angel have done so well for us". Then they started seeing it and didn't know how to market the show or who or how big the market for the "space western' would be. They lost faith in the show and treated it accordingly, basically doing the minimum to not be in breech of contract. They marketed it pathetically. They gave it a horrific time slot. They refused to show the 2 hour pilot that introduces all of the characters and the universe that is the background (well, they showed it eventually; as a re-coup some losses "special event" *after* the cancellation had been announced). As was mentioned, they showed what episodes they did show (not all of the episodes that were produced ever made it to the air) out of order, which really screwed up things like the progression of relationships since many of the characters first meet in the pilot (which, of course, they hadn't shown) .... or the development of Summer's character (which is a very definite and noticable progression through the episodes that were produced).

I saw very little of it when it was on the air (time slot conflicts). I picked up the DVD's after this past Christmas when I needed to exchange a duplicate gift at Best Buy. I liked it a lot, in the right order (which, unlike Crusade, is how Firefly is ordered on the DVD's).
Despite being screwed over royally, though, the show was the #1 DVD preorder on Amazon for several months, which opened a few eyes -- and makes it perhaps the first wannabe franchise rescued from the jaws of death by DVD sales.

If you haven't seen the show, find someone who has the DVDs or buy them yourself. It will be worth it. Then go and see the movie in September. Repeatedly. Then invite all your friends.
Joss just sent out the word that there's going to be a sneak preview of Serenity in 10 theaters across the country on May 5. Since he's a hilarious writer, here's his email in full:


It gets better.

As thus: The movie is very nearly finished. You've seen many pretty images in the trailer. But I've still got work to do and you've still got months before you can see it.


And, no, I'm not talking Australia (but Hi, Australia! anyway), I'm talking here in the more-or-less-United States, a one time multi-city Browncoat sneak event. Thursday, May 5th at 10:00 pm, the movie (Serenity! Pay attention! Jeez.) will be playing at exactly 10 theaters in 10 cities across the country. You (or possibly someone much like you) (or possibly a robot EXACTLY like you, but with better manners and sonic arm-lasers, sent to take your place) will be able to buy a ticket to see Serenity months in advance. Not just the bitty trailer with not enough Kaylee and Book, but the whole film, in its extremely almost completed state.

You probably have some questions. How is this possible? What cities exactly will it be in? What are these changes my body is going through? All valid. It's possible because some clown put a bunch of Universal execs in a theater full of Browncoats and dude, they came out SWEATING, they never seen energy like that. They loved it, and even though they were already wicked supportive of the movie (see: earlier posts re: we're making the movie) they simply weren't ready for you guys. When I whinged on about pushing the date and everyone here was posting about "what do we do till September", they agreed to let me sneak it out.

Maybe they thought it was a fluke. Maybe they wanna see if people really do care about the flick. Or maybe they're just treating us with respect and kindness, though that last option confuses and terrifies me as much as these changes my body is going through (I'm "perspiring" and becoming "interested in girls", which believe me is very unsettling when you're 40.) Does it matter? The plan works for me, and it can work for a select bunch of y'all. Here's what I know:

The cities to be hit are:

San Francisco
Las Vegas
The Portland of Oregon

If you're in or near one of those, you might wanna stop by. There's supposed to be a "Can't Stop the Signal" page on this website (I don't know where it is -- hey, I remembered my damn password, doesn't that buy me any cred?) There should be more info there soon about how to get in, bringing peeps into the fold, I think there's even competetions and stuff. (All I know is I have exactly 20 Brownie points. I answered ONE triv Q and got it wrong. Forget cred. I have no cred.) Now a couple of us might just creep into one of those major metropolitan multiplexes to see if anyone does show up, so remember: swearing in Chinese ONLY.

All right. This will please the fans and satisfy the employers of Joss Whedon, so I must stop as my arm-lasers are getting tired. I politely thank you for your attention.

Should be fun.


I live near Seattle, and my semester ends May 4 -- but I'm going to be in the LA area for 10 days instead! Admittedly I get to see my beloved granparents for the first time in years, and possibly my newborn cousin for the first time ever, but even still, otherwise I'd be home and I could see this....

Ah well. September will come eventually.
Im in Chiago, so I might try for the screening if I can get it. Although, its Cinco De Mayo, and I am going to a Cubs game (in Milwaukee) that day for a company outing, so I might not remember the movie even if I do get to go see it...
This looks great - can't wait until it makes it to the UK. It looks like it has kept faithful to the series too :)

I hope Booker is in it, but I do remember a rumour some time ago daying that he was the only original cast member not in the movie. It would be good if he was in it (would like to find out more about his character), but I'm sure the movie will still be great...
He should be in it :D .. maybe not in the most major of major roles, but he should be in it in principle.

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