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Serenity DVDs


I have heard that the DVD for Serenity will be out on December20th. The info comes second hand and I am not sure of the original source. Can anyone confirm that?

At first I thought that was way, way, to close to the movie release date to even be realistic. But then I remembered that Serenity was originally slated for a March timeframe release and the studio moved it to the end of September because they didn't want to fight Star Wars and Batman Returns. So its possible that DVD stuff has been in development for some time.

Just curious if anyone has heard something similar about the release date, or if the info is just whack.
I believe it's correct as I've seen the same reported on the Home Theater Forum...

... though I suppose it's possible that everyone is getting that info from the same false source...
I would imagine it will be ready by that time, but, as to wether it actually is sold that soon, I think depends on if ticket sales warrant leaving it in theatres long enough to push that back. It apparently isn't doing as well as we all hoped it would.
Yea I don't see ticket sales in December being an issue. Should be well into the dollar theater circuit by then.
I believe it's confirmed - certainly it's being spoken about on the UK Browncoat forums as if it has.

And yeah, I'm not surprised the DVD's ready so soon - as Recoil noted, the film's been ready for ages, plus the studio knows the DVD sales will likely be the make / break moment.

With the data provided at Boxofficemojo putting the number of theaters Serenity's currently in at about 41% of the number of theaters that it started in, and it not even yet being a full month the movie's been out, I have little-to-no trouble believing that it'll be out on DVD in only a couple months.
Yea VL, but the reason it is going to be out so fast has nothing to do with how it has been doing, it would have been out then no matter what.

Anyone notice how the Firefly DVD Series set is like #5 on Amazon's list? Its selling really well again after the movie --- probably newly introduced fans.
Firefly's DVD sales are very impressive, on what is largely word of mouth market on boards.

I think they did rather well out of half a season of one show...
Firefly's DVDs have always done well. The DVD sales were the biggest single reason Serenity got anywhere at all. And in fact if there's any hope for sequels, it probably rests with DVD sales of the movie.

If the movie DVD is available for preorder on Amazon, I'll be heading over there shortly.
Firefly's DVDs have always done well.

Always? The total 1 releases? ;)

Though I agree, with a fandom like Firefly, DVDs are not a factor to be underestimated. Will have to preorder it once it's possible, also if it will be another month till I get to see Serenity :rolleyes:
I think he meant always, as in "always since they were released, and not just now due to the movie."

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