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Senator Hidoshi for VP???


I have seen "V the Miniseries" and "V The Final Battle" repeatedly (I now have them both on DVD). I think I've caught the Series out of the corner of my eye, about 4 or 5 times. I've just gotten "V The Series" on DVD (Wednesday evening) and it's really quite good.

Anyway, Aki Aleong, who played Senator Hidoshi in B5 is in V The Series. Lane Smith (Perry White from Lois and Clark) is the Leader of Los Angelos (The only negotiated free city in the world) and Aki Aleong plays his right-hand man.

(I think there's even an alternate 3rd episode because 2 episodes in a row [3 and 4] pick up where the 2nd episode left off and the 3rd one was shown 3 months after the initial run of the series according to the "First Broadcast Date")